Wout Spanjers

Jun 21, 2023 9:05:27 AM Wout Spanjers

The importance of a BRC certificate for food safety

Food safety is a key factor within the food industry. Consumers trust that the food they buy is safe for consumption. To guarantee this trust and to meet the high standards of the food industry,...
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Jun 21, 2023 9:05:12 AM Wout Spanjers

Cleaning a production area with a clean-in-place (CIP) installation.

Throughout the production process, thorough cleaning of all component parts is extremely important. As a company, you can exert a lot of influence in this area yourself: by means of, for example,...
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Jun 20, 2023 4:34:06 PM Wout Spanjers

Why calibrating cleaning system satellites is important

A hygienic way of working begins with confidence in the quality of the cleaning system. The correct proportion of the chemicals and the sterility of the cleaning equipment used are essential for...
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Jun 20, 2023 3:57:54 PM Wout Spanjers

What is the importance of a cleanroom and how do you clean it?

Developments in our living environment and the growing importance of optimal hygiene in the production and processing process are making the requirements for this increasingly stringent. Not only in...
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Jul 25, 2022 2:02:39 PM Wout Spanjers

Company hygiene: 5 tips for good hygiene on the factory floor

Whichever part of the food industry you work in: occupational hygiene is one of the most important and most complex aspects of the process. As a quality worker, you can’t do this all on your own:...
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Jul 25, 2022 1:37:33 PM Wout Spanjers

The importance of good hand hygiene in the food industry

As a quality worker in the food industry, you know better than anyone how incredibly important good hygiene is. You want to comply with all laws and regulations and obtain the right certificates: all...
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Mar 24, 2022 4:47:18 PM Wout Spanjers

HACCP Increases food safety

Food safety, perhaps it is the number one quality criterion for the food industry. To control food safety within the food industry, HACCP is an essential tool. HACCP manages food safety in a...
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Jan 3, 2022 4:49:00 PM Wout Spanjers

10 Key hazards to manage through your HACCP programme for healthcare

“What are the key hazards I need to manage through my HACCP programme?”, is a frequently asked question by employees within healthcare. The HACCP methodology centres around a risk assessment of...
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Oct 28, 2021 1:54:06 PM Wout Spanjers

The right setup for good personal hygiene in the intensive livestock farming sector

To realise the usage of the hygienic entrance in the right way and make it as easy as possible, it is also important to have the correct setup. The nicer and more efficiently the hygienic entrance...
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Oct 28, 2021 1:53:37 PM Wout Spanjers

Limit the spread of Bird Flu with clean transport crates

Bird flu, also called avian flu or avian influenza is a very infectious disease for poultry (chickens, chicks, ducks and turkeys) and wild waterfowl. Across the world, there are many different bird...
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Oct 15, 2021 2:50:11 PM Wout Spanjers

What is HACCP in Healthcare?

HACCP, or in full Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, manages food safety during the whole manufacturing process. With implementing the HACCP system the whole manufacturing process is verified...
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