With solar panels Elpress chooses for complete sustainability

Besides innovations in the field of production Elpress also continues to develop itself socially.

The most recent step in this direction were 925 solar panels, good for 250 kWp, that were installed on the roof of our head office in Boxmeer. General Manager Jannes Voss talking about the panels: “We’ve been trying to get everything sustainable for a number of years now and these solar panels are the last step in the process. Since the end of 2015 our building has been heated by a geothermal installation. During the winter it warms and during the summer it cools by using the temperature of the groundwater below our building. Our entire electricity consumption is now provided for by mother nature. It is important to produce sustainably, and in this manner we can contribute to that process. Our products are now produced climate-neutrally and that means the fulfilment of a long cherished wish.

The solar panels were installed by our partner Megens from Milsbeek. Below you will see an impression of the solar panel installation on the roof of our head office in Boxmeer.


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