The right choice for a cleaning system or crate washer

Good advice provides insight into the possibilities and offers the desired solutions.

Download the whitepaper about the right choice for a cleaning system or crate washer


When you buy a cleaning system or an industrial washing system such as a crate washer, you won't solve all
your problems overnight. After all, you’re making an investment that you want to benefit from for years to
come. A purchase that should contribute to efficient and effective business operations, carefully taking into consideration aspects such as possible applications, user-friendliness and, of course, cost. Ideal focal points -
such as sustainability and environmental impact - are also playing an increasingly important role.

In this white paper we give you an insight into the points you need to consider when investing in a suitable cleaning system or crate washer. We will look at:

  • Mapping the company and its needs.
  • The influence of Sinner’s Circle on crate cleaning.
  • The choice of a decentralised or centralised cleaning system.
  • The usefulness of operating and maintenance manuals.

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