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Industrial washing systems animation

Cleaning sytems animation

Personal hygiene animation

Corporate Video

Reference | Rasting Fleisch

Animation | Crate washer operation

Pallet washer - EPW-V45

Crate washer - EKW-1500

ETW Utensil washers

Reference | Vischer Seafood (Centralized cleaning)

This reference case shows the centralized cleaning work flow at Vischer Seafood at Urk, The Netherlands.

Animation | Centralized cleaning

This video animation is made to show you how a centralized cleaning system works.

Blocksat satellite - rinsing, foaming, disinfecting

The Blocksat is extremely effective. The user-friendly selector lever makes it easy to choose between rinsing, foaming or disinfecting. By means of a rotary knob, it is possible to regulate the amount of air and adjust the composition of the foam. The Blocksat satellites are very compact and extremely rugged due to the solid enclosure.

Video Case - Dyson Airblade dB

In deze video case praten wij met Jacco Duivenvoorden over de voordelen van de Dyson Airblade.

Big box and norm bin washer - EDW-20-2N

Big box washer with norm bin modification.

Elpress hygiënesluis op NPO2

Op 3 Maart 2016 zagen wij in het programma BinnensteBuiten een Elpress product voorbij komen. Een korte referentie van de DZW-HDT zolenreingier met handendesinfectie.

Tijdens deze uitzending zagen wij de serieuze hygiëne visie van Kaaij Kwekerij. Mooi om deze passie voor hygiëne terug te zien bij onze klanten!

Bin washer ENW

Bin washer ENW:
– Suitable for 200 and 300 liter norm trolleys
– Sensors on safety fences
– User-friendly
– Total spray coverage with the stainless steel spraying arm

Hygienic room example #1

Hygienic room example including the following products:
– Wash basin EWG-2S with soap dispensers
– Hand dryer Dyson Airblade
– Disposable dispenser (suitable for hair nets, beard nets etc.)
– Hand disinfection with turnstile HDT

The above set-up provides:
– Hand washing
– Hand cleaning (without paper)
– Hair net dispenser (disposable dispenser)
– Hand disinfection

Apron wash place SWP-1000

The apron wash place is suitable for manually cleaning aprons, boots and clogs.

– Stainless steel
– Compatible with many apron sizes

Hygienic entrance SANICARE-500-B

Hygienic entrance SANICARE-DYSON-1500-B-R*:
– Soap dosing
– Hand washing
– Hand disinfection
– Sole cleaning

* with optional paper dispenser and paper basket

Crate washer EKW-3500

Cratewasher EKW-3500
including one-man operation, electrical heating and dosing pump.
Built: 2013
Customer: BCS Butterfly Catering Services (

Mobile Satellite DEFO

The DEFO mobile satellites are perfectly equipped for flexible rinsing, foaming and/or disinfecting activities.

– Mobile rinsing, foaming or disinfecting
– Hygienical working progress
– Compact frame construction
– Great movability

Revolving gate EPDK

– Stainless steel frame
– Two-way access
– Alarm connection in case of forcing
– Can be connected to a hygienic entrance
– Motorized turnstile

Sole and shaft cleaner EZSW

Sole and shaft cleaner EZSW:
– Sole cleaning
– Shaft cleaning

Sole cleaner DZW-1000-R

Sole cleaner DZW-1000-R:
– Sole cleaning
– Optional double rail support

Hygienic entrance DZD-HDT-1000-R

Hygienic entrance DZD-HDT-1000-R:
– Sole disinfection
– Hand disinfection

Hygienic entrance SANICARE-DYSON-1500-B-R

Hygienic entrance SANICARE-DYSON-1500-B-R:
– Soap dosing
– Hand washing
– Hand drying by means of the Dyson Airblade
– Hand disinfection
– Sole cleaning

Hygienic entrance DZW-HDT-1000-R

Hygienic entrance DZW-HDT-1000-R:
– Sole cleaning
– Hand disinfection