Sole cleaning

  • Sole cleaners

    Due to the low step of just 175 mm, the DZW is ergonomical to use. The brushes are automatically humidified and activated by means of sensors. This ensures that energy consumption remains low. The DZW uses the right amount of chemicals, thanks to the sensors. The splash protection prevents the space around the DZW becoming a mess.

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  • Sole and shoe side cleaner

    When you place the sole of the shoe on the brush and hold the handle at the same time, your shoes are cleaned quickly and efficiently. The brushes activate via a button on the grip. Because the EZR also cleans the sides of your shoes, you can also be sure of maximum hygiene. The EZR is compact and fits in smaller spaces.

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  • Sole and shaft cleaners

    The automatic activation of the rotating brushes ensures unnecessary energy consumption. Because of the smart use of sensor the installations always dispense the right amount of chemicals.

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