Booster units

Booster units

What is a booster unit?

A booster unit is a system designed to raise the water pressure for cleaning purposes in industrial environments.

The most important objective of a booster unit is to ensure that sufficient water pressure is available to allow effective cleaning, regardless of the size of the cleaning project.

A booster unit lets you ensure that you and your colleagues always have sufficient water pressure to clean successfully.

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Capacity of a booster unit

When purchasing an industrial cleaning system, it is crucial to determine how many employees will use the installation at the same time. This analysis forms the basis for determining the necessary capacity of the booster unit.

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Advantages of a booster unit

  • Improved water pressure: Raises the water pressure for quick and thorough cleaning.

  • Adaptability: Can be adapted according to the number of users and is suitable for a range of different cleaning situations.

  • Saves costs: With a booster unit, you ensure that cleaning is always possible with the right water pressure.

  • Peace of mind and certainty: A booster unit assures you of continuity in the water supply for uninterrupted cleaning processes.
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In what situations does a booster unit come in handy?

Good hygiene is very important, especially in the food industry. That’s why a booster unit is absolutely ideal for use in the food processing industry.

Booster units are used in this industry for raising the water pressure to clean machines, conveyor belts and production areas. This ensures that food products can be processed safely and cleanly.

When it comes to producing and processing food, you obviously don’t want the water pressure to be a problem for any length of time. Fortunately, a booster unit ensures that the water pressure is always satisfactory. So you can rest assured that you’ll always being able to perform your cleaning tasks.

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Where do you place a booster unit?

Where you place your booster unit depends on your specific situation. However, we do recommend that you place the unit in a strategic location. In this way, you’ll ensure that the system works effectively and that the water is always at the right pressure.

Some tips for placing your unit in a strategic location:

  • Place your unit close to the water supply.
  • Position the unit in a protected and easily accessible place.
  • Position your booster unit close to a stainless steel break tank (read more about this in our blog on the advantages of a stainless steel break tank).

Want to know more about how you can clean successfully in an industrial situation? Find out in our white paper:

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Difference between a booster unit and a high-pressure pump

In brief, a booster unit is a more versatile and complex system that is used for supplying water generally, while a high-pressure pump is specifically designed to supply water at very high pressure for specific tasks.

A booster unit is:

  • More complex: this type of installation has several components, e.g. pumps as well as tanks.
  • More flexible: with a booster unit, you can adjust the pressure to the desired level.
  • Integrated: this type of installation forms part of your cleaning network. A high-pressure pump is a standalone unit.

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Booster unit with stainless steel break tank

In many situations, a stainless steel break tank is installed in combination with the booster unit. We recommend you do this to prevent water containing additives used in the cleaning process from flowing back into the water mains. This tank is usually placed in the vicinity of the booster unit. A stainless steel break tank offers the following advantages:

  1. You prevent water contamination: a break tank prevents contaminated water from flowing back into your water line.

  2. You continue complying with legislation: with a break tank, you comply with present and future provisions.

  3. You get a stable water supply: the tank ensures a constant supply of water, essential for efficient industrial cleaning.

  4. It protects your cleaning system: a valuable investment for minimising the costs and risks associated with contamination and retaining peace of mind.

Want to know more about the advantages of a stainless steel break tank? Discover everything in our blog. 

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