Foam injectors

An Elfoam foam injector is used for inducing and adding chemicals (in-line) to a liquid flow. The induction is caused by vacuum. The pressure of the liquid flow before and after the Elfoam determines the percentage of chemicals added. This percentage is highest when the outflow is unpressurised.

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Our versions

  • Foam injectors with hose tulle

    Working pressure: 120 bar
    Temperature: Max. 90 °C
    Connection in: 1/2″ BSP M
    Connection out: 1/2″ BSP M

  • Other

    We have several injectors in our product range, feel free to ask about our extensive knowledge.

Article number Description Connection
75900245 Elfoam foam injector 6 mm 6 mm tule
75900246 Elfoam foam injector 10 mm 10 mm tule
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