Multiple dispensers

Dispensers suitable for hair nets, beard nets, earplugs, gloves, aprons and more.

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What are multiple dispensers?

In sectors such as the food industry, agriculture, and horticulture, hygiene and safety are of great importance. Within such business environments, multiple dispensers offer an innovative solution for the storage of items like gloves, aprons, toilet rolls, hair nets, and beard nets. By combining various dispensers, multiple dispensers provide businesses with an integrated solution that is both practical and hygienic.

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Advantages of multiple dispensers

  • Hygienic solution
  • Clearly organized
  • Easy to install
  • Made from stainless steel

Hygienic solution

In business sectors where hygiene is of crucial importance, such as the food industry, controlled dispensing of various types of disposables and disposable items is important. Multiple dispensers minimize direct contact with the disposables, thereby reducing the chance of, for example, cross-contamination.

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Multiple dispensers create an overview

Efficiency is often a keyword within dynamic business environments. Multiple dispensers are designed to centrally offer essential disposables in one place. Employees have quick and easy access to the necessities, which speeds up the workflow and increases efficiency.

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Multiple dispensers are easy to install

One of the many advantages of multiple dispensers is the ease with which they can be installed. They are designed to be easily attached to walls, racks, or other surfaces without hassle or complicated instructions. This means that you do not waste valuable time on installation, making the dispensers quickly operational.

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