Sticker removal

Elpress has developed a special dirt killer, which is perfect for removing stickers from all sorts of load carriers.

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  • Industrial washing systems
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Adjustable settings
  • Economical with water
  • Adjustable feet

Sticker removal - Without using any additional water

The machine removal of stickers is not a simple task. It is all too often an afterthought. Elpress has been the specialist in the area of sticker removal machines for years and produced scores of sticker removal machines that work well in the field. And we are still doing this without using any additional water.

The Elpress sticker removal module makes use, among other things, of a specially-designed dirt scrubber. This dirt scrubber is capable of removing stickers from all sorts of containers. The system is supplied by a separate, and also specially-developed, high pressure pump that supplies the dirt scrubbers with water. As they are mounted on an adjustable sheet, the dirt scrubbers are very easy to align. In so doing, the stickers and adhesive residues are ‘reached’ correctly and thus removed.

The used washing water is filtered in various steps and goes from coarse to fine. In the last phase, there is also a rotating dirt scrubber, provided with a very fine filter cloth. Here, the finest sticker and adhesive residues are filtered out of the washing water. Our unique filter process ensures that the washing water is constantly being re-used. In this way, Elpress sticker removal is not only results-oriented and hygienic, but also it is as sustainable as possible.

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The standard operation

Rotating microfilter

The well thought-out filter system with the very fine microfilter ensures that the washing water is supplied free from dirt.

Sticker removal


The special dirt killers remove the sticker and adhesive residues from the crates under high pressure.

Sticker removal


Our sticker removal system is a result-based and fully automatic way to remove stickers and sticker residues.

Sticker removal

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