Cleaning systems

Our cleaning systems are extremely efficient, thrifty in the use of water and power, low maintenance and easy to operate. Depending on the nature of the work to be performed in the space, we develop cleaning systems which, for example, disinfect a room at bacteriological level.

Elpress cleaning systems

Our cleaning systems are extremely efficient, thrifty in the use of water and power, low maintenance and easy to operate. Depending on the nature of the work to be performed in the space, we develop cleaning systems which, for example, disinfect a room at bacteriological level. We supply solutions that clean, foam or disinfect your premises. Our cleaning systems are designed to be as practical as possible, and are produced in-house.

"Elpress cleaning systems are extremely efficient, thrifty in the use of water and power, low maintenance and easy to operate."

A cleaning system for optimal hygiene

As a food manufacturer, you naturally want a cleaning system that delivers optimal levels of hygiene. The food industry has always placed very high requirements on hygiene and food safety. You’ll never want to have to deal with contamination that leads to problems with quality, product wastage or – in the worst case – damage to your reputation.

At Elpress, we know that better than anyone, which is why our high-quality cleaning systems meet all requirements in the area of food safety. In order to ensure food safety and quality, our systems comply with the law and regulations. So you can count on being able to manufacture in accordance with the applicable directives in the area of food safety.


What are cleaning systems? 

Hygiene is a point for consideration in every sector, but extra attention is paid to it especially in the food industry. An optimal cleaning process is therefore extremely important. The cleaning systems from Elpress help with this. These systems disinfect your operating rooms completely, whatever their size. Which cleaning system is best suited for this depends on the size of business, the type of business and the budget. 

Cleaning equipment for your company

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The choice when purchasing a cleaning system 

A good cleaning system is important for an optimal cleaning process. There are a lot of possibilities with a cleaning system.

When purchasing an industrial cleaning system, you should answer the following four questions – the four steps in the selection process:

      Do I want to clean centrally or decentrally?
      The type of cleaning: foaming, rinsing and/or disinfecting
      What working pressure do I need?
      What is the required number of users?

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More return from a cleaning system

Purchasing a cleaning system is a total investment. So it’s logical that you get the greatest possible return from it. That is only possible if you maintain the cleaning system properly. Elpress therefore offers a service agreement. With a service agreement, you always get quick help with faults and we also provide regular maintenance. If you choose this option, the Elpress fitter will visit you regularly to service your crate washer. This considerably reduces the chance of faults and defects, and your cleaning system carries on working beautifully. And you get everything out of your cleaning system. 

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Cleaning materials with a foam and disinfection installation

Foam cleaning is the most important step in the cleaning of machines and production rooms. The foam actually loosens dirt from the machines. The longer it is allowed to work, the better the dirt is loosened. The chemicals used ensure efficient cleaning, while electrical dosing pumps make using these chemicals safe. The dose is 2 to 4 percent on average. Foam cleaning can be used if a foam and/or disinfection unit is integrated into a central cleaning system.

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The necessary capacity for a cleaning system

Before you buy an industrial cleaning system, determine how many users will operate the cleaning system at the same time. This actually determines the capacity of the pressure booster and whether several pumps are needed. The working pressure and the number of people influence the energy consumption.  

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Centralised or decentralised cleaning 

Your production room(s) must be cleaned daily with a foam cleaning system. Which cleaning system you have to choose for this also depends on whether you’re going to clean centrally or decentrally. This choice is determined by two factors:

      The situation (new building or existing premises)

      The size of the business

More about centralised and decentralised cleaning

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The advantages of centralised and decentralised cleaning

For new buildings, a centralised cleaning system is recommended. In existing businesses or companies of limited size, decentralised cleaning is often the best option.

The advantages of centralised cleaning:

  • Greater safety because there are no concentrated chemicals on the shop floor.
  • Efficient and constant chemical consumption through centralised dosing.
  • Greater work efficiency through not having to work with loose jerrycans of chemicals.
  • Cheaper chemicals through bulk purchasing.
  • Less chemical waste from not having to work with smaller, loose jerrycans.

The advantages of decentralised cleaning:

  • Preference for decentralised cleaning in existing business situations or companies of limited size.
  • Interesting for smaller businesses due to the lower investment.

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Mobile cleaning systems 

For some businesses, a mobile cleaning system is an ideal solution. For example, smaller businesses due to the lower investment. You can place this system anywhere you want and it is used by just one person. A mobile cleaning system is mainly suited when the surface to be cleaned is not very large. The presence of a compressed air supply in a business is not a requirement if the mobile cleaning system is equipped with an integrated air compressor.

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The parts of a cleaning system 

An industrial cleaning system consists of:

      A pressure booster
      A piping network
      Several satellite stations

A centralised system makes use of a foaming and disinfection unit and a central chemical storage facility. A decentralised system makes use of separate jerrycans at the satellites.

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Innovative and efficient cleaning systems

Elpress has been active on the market for over 30 years and knows exactly how complex cleaning processes work thanks to years of experience in the development, production, supply and maintenance of automatic cleaning systems. Of course, everything depends on the nature of the tasks being performed and which type of cleaning system is the most suitable for the job. For example, Elpress can develop a cleaning system that decontaminates a room at bacteriological level, as well as offering systems that clean, foam or disinfect the room. In brief, at Elpress we offer a wide range of innovative cleaning systems for the food industry. Our product range includes:

  • Pressure boosting installations
  • Foam and disinfection installations
  • Satellites
  • Chemical storage systems

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Each cleaning system is designed down to the smallest detail

The automatic cleaning systems from Elpress are designed down to the smallest detail. We are a trendsetter in the food industry, which makes our systems both very innovative and highly efficient. Our durable cleaning systems are produced in-house and are therefore designed to be as practical and hygienic as possible. For these reasons, you enjoy superbly designed products with a range of advantages. The most important aspects of our high-quality cleaning appliances are listed for you below:

  • Ergonomic and hygienic design
  • Thrifty with chemicals and water
  • User-friendly and low maintenance
  • Easy to clean / maintain
  • Come with a 4-year warranty on construction faults
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Tailor-made total concept 

Elpress has been supplying hygienic products to the food industry for more than 40 years. It all began with the delivery of high-pressure pumps, but Elpress has since grown into a total supplier of complete cleaning systems and other products. By paying attention to innovation, we keep on finding suitable solutions for different hygiene questions. We also think with you about the future. Future developments will, of course, ultimately influence whether you choose to purchase an industrial cleaning system.

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We offer you a total product

At Elpress, we have a passion for hygiene. We believe in hygiene not because we have to but because it delivers better food products. With Elpress, you’re opting for a superbly designed and optimal cleaning process in the food chain. The added value is found not only in our innovative solutions in the area of cleaning systems but also in our ongoing involvement in your product. We therefore always listen to what you have to say, so that we can offer you a total solution. Solution-based thinking that lets you raise the hygiene standard  in your business to the next level. Are you interested in one of our systems, or would you like more information? Then feel free to get in touch with us.