Personal hygiene

Elpress is the leading manufacturer in the field of industrial hygiene. We focus on delivering total solutions: customer-focused cleaning systems, professionally integrated into your business process.

Efficient personal hygiene

Efficient personal hygiene can not be underestimated, especially in production environments where the risk of contamination poses great danger. Elpress can play an eminent role in reducing these risks. To prevent the risk of contamination in the broadest sense of the word, we offer you several possibilities: from sterilisation basins to complete hygienic entrances and from boot racks to wash basins. Our products and installations are used throughout the food processing industry, and are produced in-house.

Hygiene Selector

Do you want to know which layout of the hygiene lock suits your company? Fill in the Hygiene Selector and find out. In five steps, you can quickly and easily see what your hygiene lock has to comply with. You will then immediately receive free, customized advice about a hygiene lock for your company.

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Elpress has been an innovative force in the area of industrial hygiene for more than 40 years.

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HACCP International certified

Elpress is the first and thus far only manufacturer of hygienic entrances worldwide, whose products have been independently confirmed to support to your HACCP environment. After thorough studies and audits we are very happy to have been acknowledged with what we are continuously striving for: producing the best and in particular most hygienic solutions for our worldwide customers. We have a true passion for hygiene!