Hygiene products for the food industry

The food industry is a diverse sector with unprecedented value. Hygiene is of crucial importance within this industry. Every facet of the hygiene process must be good. From the personal hygiene of employees to the cleaning of production areas. Elpress is there for everyone, from a small Dutch butcher to a large dairy producer in Asia.

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Hygiene risks within the food industry

The processing and production of food involves risks. Human mistakes can be made. These errors can be reduced by a forced hygiene protocol. Elpress can set up a hygiene protocol in such a way that all visitors have gone through the right steps before entering a production area. This enables you to combat various bacteria and micro-organisms such as E. Coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Fungi and Phages. Uisng our innovative solutions, such as a hygiene sluice, you can reduce the risk of these bacteria and micro-organisms. Would you like to know more about quality systems and products that improve the hygiene protocol in your organisation? Then take a look at our white papers.

Would you like to know more about quality systems and products that guarantee personal hygiene in your organisation? Then take a look at our white papers.

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Contamination in the meat industry

Different types of contamination occur in every branch of the food industry. For example, the meat industry works with raw meat. Cross-contamination and persistent protein and fat contamination are daily obstacles here. It is therefore important that crates and boxes are thoroughly cleaned. An industrial washer can make this process more efficient, sustainable and effective.

Contamination in the dairy industry

The dairy industry works with natural products. Proper and careful disinfection is essential to keep surfaces free of bacteria and micro-organisms. Daily cleaning and disinfection is an essential part of the hygiene process. Elpress cleaning systems can help your organisation to execute this process as accurately as possible.

With more than 40 years of experience, Elpress has the necessary experience to give you accurate and personal advice concerning hygiene. With every project we increase our experience and use this experience for future hygiene issues. Curious what we can offer you?

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Contamination in the production of pet food

In the production of pet food, it is essential to ensure hygiene to maintain the quality and safety of the end product. The production process involves various ingredients and raw materials that are susceptible to contamination by microorganisms, chemical pollutants, and allergens. Thorough disinfection processes play a crucial role in keeping the production environment free from harmful bacteria and other microorganisms. A hygiene entrance is a tool to ensure the personal hygiene of employees.

With over 40 years of experience, Elpress has built up the necessary expertise to provide you with precise and personalized advice in the field of hygiene. With each project, we expand our knowledge and use this experience for future hygiene challenges. Curious about what we can offer you?

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Preparing for quality systems for the food industry

Are you preparing to obtain a quality system such as BRC, IFS or ISO 22000? Most international quality systems have additional hygiene requirements compared to the standard HACCP risk analysis. Would you like advice on selecting the right hygiene equipment to prepare for a quality system? Then download the handy white paper!

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