Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is very important to Elpress. Through our sustainable approach we make our company future-proof. We consciously deal with energy and we invest in our employees. 


In 2017, the Elpress business location will be made energy-neutral. On the roof there are 925 solar panels installed. These solar panels ensure that (solar) light is converted into electricity. The solar panels generate an average of 19 mW of electricity per month. This makes it possible to supply electricity to 80 Dutch households with an average consumption. 

Geothermal installations

The Elpress building is equipped with two geothermal heating systems. These systems are 100% gas-free and make fossil fuels superfluous when heating or cooling the building. The geothermal heating systems have low CO2 emissions, with all the associated benefits for air quality and the climate. 


"Thanks to the combination of solar panels, geothermal systems, insulated glass and a comprehensive energy monitoring system, Elpress' premises are 100% energy-neutral". 

Insulated glass and thermal protection layers

In order to reduce heating costs at Elpress, all windows are made of insulated glass. In this way, no heat is lost through the windows.

In order to limit heat penetration during days with a lot of sunlight, all windows are fitted with thermal protection layers. 

Corporate social responsibility

Sustainable human resources policy

At Elpress, sustainable entrepreneurship has also been integrated into personnel policy. In this way, we work on the employability, loyalty, vitality and commitment of our employees. 

  • Elpress employees are given the opportunity to follow courses and trainings. This can be general training such as VCA and BHV, obtaining a forklift truck certificate, learning an (extra) language or subject-specific and deepening studies.
  • We care about the hapiness of our employees. There is an informal atmosphere and the combination of a top-down and bottom-up strategy gives our employees the opportunity to think along with us. 
  • Healthy workplaces with a sit/stand option and offering fresh fruit contributes to the health of our employees. At Elpress, we believe it is important that our employees remain healthy and vital. In case of health problems Elpress provides a direct and short communication line with physiotherapists and company doctors. 
  • Elpress invests in students by offering internships. In addition, there are also opportunities to continue working part-time after an internship in addition to a study programme. 
  • Elpress supports various charities every year. 

Responsibly-sourced packaging

All packaging of Elpress products have the FSC label. FRC stands for the Forest Stewardship Council and is an international organisation that works on preserving and maintaining forests worldwide. In this way, Elpress takes account of the ecological, social and economical aspects that form part of forestry management.

Elpress uses sustainable rPet tape in all its packaging. This tape consists 85% of used PET bottles and is thinner than standard tape, saving up to 40% on waste. By using recycled material, rPet tape helps to preserve natural resources and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases associated with the production of new materials.

Elpress responsibly-sourced packaging

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