Hose Reel EHT

Hose reel EHT

Solid spring driven hose reel (316 SS). Suitable for various pressures and applications. Hose lengths ranging from 5 to 30 metres, depending on the type of hose. Can be used for high and low pressures (maximum 200 bar). Maximum water temperature is 150 °C.

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Hose reel EHT

Safe working with your hose reel
This stainless steel safety system ensures a steady and constant roll-up of your hose reel, increasing not only safety but also lifetime. The speed can be adjusted to your liking. Now available as an option for our EHR-20 and EHR-25/35 hose reels.

Hose reel EHT
Article number Type Max. hose length / m In Out Max. pressure / Bar Weight Wall dimensions / mm
75850304A EHT15 15 3/8″ bi 3/8″ bi 200 16 470 x 500 x 250 mm (h x d x w)
75850300A EHT20 20 3/8″ bi 3/8″ bi 200 18 470 x 500 x 280 mm (h x d x w)
75850301A EHT25 25 3/8″ bi 3/8″ bi 200 19 470 x 590 x 310 mm (h x d x w)
75850305A EHT20-19 20 3/4″ bu 3/4″ bi 200 19 470 x 590 x 310 mm (h x d x w)
75850303A EHT30 30 1/2″ bu 3/4″ bi 200 25 400 x 55 0x 260 mm (h x d x w)
75850302A EHT30-19 25 3/4″ bu 3/4″ bi 200 25 470 x 530 x 360 mm (h x d x w)

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