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Service is our keyword. After you invest in our products, we continue to work with you. For maintenance and/or repairs, our daily operating mobile service vans carry the right equipment and knowledge on board.

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Certainty with a service contract

To ensure that an industrial cleaning system continues to function properly, thorough maintenance is absolutely essential. This can be done by yourself or by your employees, but you may not have or take enough time for this. Moreover, you and they may not know how such a system can be maintained effectively. Elpress offers service contracts for this.

If you have a service contract, the Elpress service technician will visit your company periodically - often annually, but more frequently is also possible - for the careful maintenance of your industrial cleaning system. This ensures that your system continues to function optimally and that the risk of malfunctions and defects is reduced. The service technician carefully checks the installation. The parts of the system that are subject to wear and tear are checked and replaced if necessary.


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Elpress Remote Service

In many instances, our Remote Service makes it possible to immediately solve a fault or problem with your Elpress machine remotely. We can also use Remote Service to help you carry out non-daily operations.

Advantages of our Remote Service:

  • Greater flexibility
  • Quick and efficient
  • Durable choice

Remote Service from Elpress is offered as a subscription. 

Elpress Remote Service


Our service experts are ready to provide you with your service needs.