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Industrial washing systems

Our industrial washing systems clean load carriers, crates, pallets or boxes. This means dealing efficiently with costs and the environment; our systems are thrifty with water, energy and cleaning agents, without making concessions to the cleaning itself.

Benefits of our washing systems 

Our washing systems utilize a precisely tailored combination of temperature, chemical agents, time, and mechanical force, ensuring optimal cleaning results are always achieved. At Elpress, we are committed to simplifying and optimizing your washing processes. We do this not only by providing suitable, sustainable solutions but also by thinking along with you and offering advice

The benefits of an industrial washing system from Elpress:

  • Innovative
  • User-friendly
  • Sustainable
  • Ergonomic
  • High-quality


"Clean crates, pallets, boxes or other load carriers with our plug plug-and-play washing stystems"

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Applications for industrial washing systems

Our food-safe washing systems are suitable for use in the meat and fish industry, bakeries, fruits and vegetables (AGF), dairy, confectionery, and logistics organizations. With such an environmentally friendly washing system from Elpress, you can hygienically clean various types of load carriers. The main types of contamination per industry are:

  • Meat and fish industry: blood, fats, proteins, and combinations
  • Bakeries: dough, fats, and chocolate residues (sugar)
  • Fruits and vegetables (AGF): starch, sugars, and fruit acids
  • Dairy industry: proteins and fats
  • Confectionery: sugar, syrup, and dough
  • Logistics: various contaminants in various types of crates/containers
Crates washer in use at Huriko Beef

Optimal cleaning of various contaminants

The secret behind the effective eradication of various types of contaminants in just one washing cycle lies in our advanced cleaning philosophy. It approaches the challenge of cleaning through a precise composition of four essential elements: temperature, time, chemistry, and mechanical force. The right alignment of these components enables users of our industrial washing systems to consistently achieve the desired level of hygiene, regardless of the complexity of the contamination. From stubborn proteins and blood residues to challenging fats, sticker and adhesive residues, dried-on contaminants, and even dough - our systems provide a solution that is both thorough and efficient. This not only makes our washing systems versatile but also highly effective in achieving impeccable cleanliness for a wide range of industrial applications.

Voorbeeld knop
Optimal cleaning of various contaminants with Elpress industrial washing systems

Our washing systems are efficient, sustainable, and cost-saving.

With an innovative washing system from Elpress, you're not just opting for efficiency and environmental friendliness, but also cost savings. Our certified washing systems are frugal with water, energy, and cleaning agents, without compromising on cleaning effectiveness. Thanks to their efficient design and thoughtful elements, resource consumption such as energy and water is minimized. In short, our washing systems are developed with environmental considerations in mind. This is evident in:

  • Recirculating wash water, enabling water reuse
  • Thoughtful water management system to prevent water loss
  • Vapor extraction and heat recovery to reduce energy loss
  • Insulated outer walls to minimize heat loss



Thoughtful elements in the industrial washing systems

Water and energy are becoming increasingly scarce in the future, and we prioritize efficient use of these resources. By incorporating thoughtful elements, we can continuously reduce consumption without compromising the optimal washing results.

  • Water Management System: Our industrial washing systems utilize filtered recirculating wash water, meaning that the wash water is reused. Fresh rinse water from the rinsing section is recycled and used in the pre-wash or main wash sections.
  • Vapor extraction with heat recovery (optional): During vapor extraction, heat recovery significantly reduces energy loss. The design of the vapor extraction ensures that only vapors exiting the tunnel are removed.
  • Insulated outer walls (optional): By incorporating insulated outer walls, the washing system retains its temperature more effectively, reducing heat loss through radiation. This insulation can be applied to both the water tanks and the outer walls.
Thoughtful elements

Heating wash water in our industrial washing systems

For heating the wash water, there are various options available. The choice depends on the working and operational conditions, with a focus on minimizing energy consumption while ensuring an efficient heating process at Elpress.

  • Steam injection: The water is heated using a special steam lance immersed in the water bath. This steam lance is connected to a steam boiler. The water temperature is controlled in a fast and efficient manner through this direct heat transfer method, allowing for high heating capacities.
  • Electric heating: In this heating method, a number of electric heating elements are installed in the water tank, depending on the required power. This application does not require additional peripheral equipment to operate.
  • Tube/plate heat exchanger: With this method, the wash water is heated by a stainless steel tube or plate heat exchanger connected to an external central heating system or boiler. The temperature control is regulated by an adjustable temperature gauge.
Steam injection in Elpress industrial washing systems

Dirt filters for reuse of wash water

Depending on the type of contamination and the used load carriers, we offer the appropriate specific dirt filter. By employing proven and reliable filtering techniques, our industrial washing systems ensure the reuse of wash water.

  • Filter tray: A stationary filter tray equipped with a perforated plate is effective for light contamination.
  • Stationary 'wedge-wire' filter: The stationary 'wedge-wire' filters are simple and effective. Due to the specific filter pattern, dirt particles are separated from the wash water. The filters are easily removable.
  • Rotating 'wedge-wire' filter: A rotating 'wedge-wire' filter "rotates" the present dirt towards a scraper, which separates the dirt particles from the wash water. This filter system is self-cleaning due to this construction and is used in cases of heavy dirt loads.
  • Rotating microfilter: The rotating microfilter filters out very small dirt particles from the wash water. This system is often used for sticker removal. By using this filter system, pumps and nozzles are optimally protected, ensuring minimal contamination of the washing system.
Rotating wedge wire filter in Elpress washing systems

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