Crate washers double versions

The EKW crate washers are also available as a double version. With the second line, you double the capacity of the crate washer. These double versions are constructed, just as single versions, of solid stainless steel sheets and sections, and are placed on adjustable feet. The crates are transported through the system by a plastic transport chain.

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  • Industrial washing systems
  • Double version
  • Connectable to a centralised chemical supply
  • Adjustable settings
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Adjustable feet
  • Economical with water

Crate Washers EKW Double Version

The functionalities of this version of crate washers are the same as the single versions. Characteristic of this line are the sloping roofs ensuring that no water remains on the roof of the crate washer. Using an advanced control system, you have better insight into the process and communication with the crate washer. 

These double versions are constructed of solid stainless steel sheets and sections and are placed on adjustable feet. The washing tunnel is provided with hinged doors. If a door is opened during cleaning, the installation stops immediately. The crates are transported through the system by a plastic transport chain. The rinse arches are provided with a large number of plastic click-nozzles. The EKW crate washers are suitable for crates with maximum dimensions of 600 x 400 x 300 mm (lxwxh).

In the main wash zone of the crate washing machine, the crates are cleaned and the dirt removed from them. Water is supplied to the click-nozzles by a powerful, low-energy pump. The main wash tank is filled via its own filling connection, which is fitted with level sensors.

The crates are rinsed off with clean water in the rinsing zone. The rinse arch is sensor-operated. If there are no crates, the water supply is shut off.


  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy-to-adjust click-nozzles
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Doubling of capacity

Crate Washer Calculator

Prior to our discussions about the possible purchase of a crate washer, you can identify with our crate washer calculator which crate washer would best suit your facility. You will then receive some initial tailored advice that Elpress will be happy to work out further with you during an orientation meeting. Launch the calculator and receive a no-obligation recommendation within  1 minute.

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The standard operation

Pre-wash zone (optional)

Here, spray nozzles clean the crates at a low water temperature (approx. 30-40 °C). This removes the blood and protein residues from the crates. The rough dirt particles are removed directly. If the temperature is too high (from 48 °C), the proteins will clump together (‘coagulate’).

Crate washer - pre-wash

Main wash zone

In the main wash zone, spray nozzles clean the crates with hot water (approx. 50-65 °C). Fats and bacterial contaminants are removed in combination with the right chemicals. This keeps the germ count in the wash tank as low as possible.

Crate washer - main wash zone

Sticker removal (optional)

Special dirt killers are used (at high pressure) to accurately remove sticker and adhesive residues. The crates are turned through 90° to enable all four sides to be treated. The fine microfilter ensures that the washing water remains free of small particles and is suitable for re-use.

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Crate washer - sticker removal

Rinse zone

In this zone, the products are rinsed with fresh cold or hot water, with the aim of effectively removing the cleaning/disinfectant agent. Rinsing with hot water helps with the drying of the crates. Our crate washers are designed in such a way as to enable optimal re-use of the rinse water containing the chemical residue.

Crate washer - rinse zone

Blow off unit (optional)

In the blow off unit, air is blown over the crates by powerful stainless steel fans.The intelligent Elpress design heats the air (partly through recirculation) up to approx. 50 °C, which results in an even better blowing capacity. Depending on the type and desired result, a minimum amount of moisture remains in the crates after leaving the blow off unit.

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Crate washer - blow off unit

Efficient crate washers

Efficient crate washers that save you money? You’ve come to the right place at Elpress. Elpress is a producer and supplier of innovative crate washers for use in various sectors of the food industry, such as the meat and fish industry, bakeries, PVF, dairy, confectionery and logistics organisations. The crate washers have a modular design so that different load carriers can be cleaned using the same system. Load carries that can be cleaned include crates, pallets, boxes, tanks and vats with various capacities and lengths.

Efficient crate washers

Optimal washing of crates

The automatic crate washers from Elpress are constructed from solid, stainless steel plates and profiles that are placed on adjustable feet. The crates are optimally cleaned in the crate washers, which remove all of the dirt from them. They are then rinsed off with clean water. The crate washer deals with all of the dirt in a single wash. Whatever the kind of dirt: proteins, blood stains, greases, sticker and adhesive residues and dried-on dirt. In brief, when you choose a food-safe crate washer from Elpress, you’re opting for a sophisticated washing process with an optimal result.

Crate washer - optimal washing of crates

Crate washers, designed down to the smallest detail

The crate washer is designed down to the smallest detail. For example, it stops cleaning if the doors are opened during the cleaning cycle. The water supply is also shut off when there are no crates to be cleaned. This prevents the unnecessary wasting of water and also saves energy. The cleaning process has also been fully considered. The crate washer has a phased cleaning cycle process that consists of various cleaning zones:

  • There is a pre-wash zone, where large particles of dirt can be directly removed
  • A main wash zone, where grease and bacteria are removed
  • A sticker removal zone, where sticker and adhesive residues can be (optionally) removed
  • A rinse zone, where the contents are rinsed to remove detergent and disinfectant
  • A blower unit, where everything is blown dry by fans
Crate washer

Environmentally friendly and innovative

Elpress not only supplies carefully designed crate washers but also works with you to simplify and optimise your washing processes. Our certified crate washers are environmentally friendly and efficient, which saves you money. Water and energy are used sparingly with no detrimental effects on the cleaning itself. Features include:

  • Recirculating washing water, which re-uses water
  • An intelligent water management system that doesn’t waste a drop of water
  • Steam extraction and heat recovery for a reduction in energy loss
  • Insulated outer walls for less loss of heat

As a customer, you therefore always benefit from a user-friendly, innovative, durable system that meets your specific requirements and comes with an attractive price tag. Are you interested in the possibilities, or would you like to know more about our crate washers? Then feel free to get in touch with us.

Environmentally friendly and innovative cratewashers

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