Installing a crate washer: What conditions does the location need to satisfy?

Installing a crate washer

Before you purchase a crate washer, it is necessary to check whether you have a suitable space available at an accessible location and with the right facilities. These are important conditions for the efficient use of the crate washing machine.

To determine whether you have a suitable location for placing a crate washer, you must be able to answer 'yes' to the following questions:

  • Is there enough room to get the washer to the right place?
  • Is the floor strong enough to support the equipment?
  • Is there power available?
  • Is there a water supply?
  • Does the place have good drainage?
  • Is there provision for heating the washing water?
  • Are there facilities for cleaning the crate washer and the area around it?
  • Are there possibilities for vapour extraction from the room? 
Wout Spanjers

Crate washer checklist: take the next step in finding the perfect crate washer.

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