Hygienic entrances

Developing, producing, delivery and maintaining efficient hygiene locks for the food industry – those are the challenges we face at Elpress every day. We know better than anyone else that hygiene is an extremely important aspect of the food industry.

Sole cleaning and hand disinfection

Sole cleaning and hand disinfection

The DZW-HDT does two things at the same time: it cleans the soles and disinfects the hands. The rotating brushes are automatically humidified.

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Sole disinfection and hand disinfection

Sole disinfection and hand disinfection

The DZD-HDT is time-efficient, because disinfecting the soles and hands takes place at the same time. As the disinfection bath is topped-up automatically, the unit has no down-time and is economical in the use of chemicals. After the hands are disinfected, the turnstile is released and access to the next room is possible.

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Sole cleaning, hand disinfection and shaft cleaning

Sole cleaning, hand disinfection and shaft cleaning

The DZW-HDT-EDSW is a hygienic entrance which cleans the soles and disinfects the hands at the same time. This means your personnel can proceed quickly and efficiently through the cleaning process. When making optional use of the shaft cleaner, the edges and the boots’ shafts are thoroughly cleaned.

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Sole cleaning / disinfection, hand washing and hand disinfection

Sole cleaning / disinfection, hand washing and hand disinfection

With this SANICARE, you stand on the cleaning brushes while washing your hands at the same time. The rotating brushes are automatically humidified and set in motion by sensors. You optionally dry your hands with paper and then disinfect your hands in the disinfection cylinders. The final step is the release of the turnstile. All-in-one and efficient.

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Sole cleaning / disinfection, hand washing, drying and disinfect

Sole cleaning / disinfection, hand washing, drying and disinfect

The SANICARE-DYSON is the most complete unit for a hygienic work process. Thanks to the sensors, there is no superfluous use of chemicals and/or time. While the hands are washed, soles are cleaned. After this, the Dyson Airblade™ ensures that the hands are dry before they are placed in the hand disinfection cylinders. The turnstile is released only after the hand disinfection is completed.

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Double units

Double units

This COMBI is ideal for processing large numbers of people on a daily basis. Your personnel will pass the COMBI quickly and hygienically at the same time. This hygienic entrance is available as a double entrance or a double exit. Additionally, it is possible to connect the COMBI to a centralised chemical supply, to avoid people having to carry chemicals around the building.

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Hygiene stations

Hygiene stations

The hygiene stations are ideal units for a hygienic work process. Thanks to the sensors, there is no superfluous use of chemicals and/or time.

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A hygiene entrance is a means for ensuring the personal hygiene of employees and visitors of companies. The hygiene entrance is usually installed at the entrance to a company so that hygiene requirements can always be complied with before somebody enters the shop floor.

Hands and the soles of footwear are cleaned and disinfected in the hygiene entrance. In many companies, the hygiene entrance is an important step for ensuring the food safety of products, for example.

What is a hygiene entrance?

Durable and innovative hygiene entrances

Elpress has been active on the market for over 40 years, during which time it has grown to become a leading supplier in the area of industrial hygiene. It is no coincidence that Elpress is also first choice when it comes to automatic hygiene entrances. When you opt for Elpress, you’re assured of innovative products and the latest technologies. For example, our hygiene entrances are made from stainless steel with a low surface roughness, which ensures less contamination and is easier to clean. Our environmentally friendly hygiene entrances also have few seams and gaps for a perfect, hygienic finish. The innovation in our products therefore begins with the hygienic design of the product itself. The hygiene entrances from Elpress are also:

  • Functional and user-friendly
  • Ergonomically designed
  • (Food) safe and efficient to use
  • Durable and HACCP* certified

*Disinfecting the hands and cleaning the soles of footwear is currently a statutory requirement. All hygiene entrances from Elpress comply with the law and regulations in this area. Our products are HACCP International certified and thus support your HACCP environment.

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Setting up a hygiene entrance varies from company to company and is always matched to personal needs and wishes. Consider, for example, the number of users, the desired hygiene process and the space available (including if there is limited space for the hygiene entrance).

In most instances, the hygiene entrance has an access control feature to ensure that employees clean and disinfect their hands before they enter the production area.

4 real-world examples
Setting up a hygiene entrance

Tailor-made total concept

When you opt for a hygiene entrance from Elpress, you’re choosing not only a high-quality product, but also and above all a total solution. That’s because Elpress supplies customer-focused hygiene entrances that are expertly integrated into your business process. Our professionals involve you completely in the process. We therefore work with you to simplify your processes, share our knowledge and offer tailor-made solutions for your hygiene issues. We take all the strain and you get a total concept for daily cleaning and disinfection. If you’re interested in the possibilities in the area of hygiene entrances or have any questions then please feel to contact us.

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Tailor-made total concept

optional extras for the hygiene entrance

Extras are available for configuring a hygiene entrance to meet your personal requirements. Elpress offers a range of optional extras. For example: 

  • Person and time recording 
    Any person and time recording system can be connected to the hygiene entrance if required.
  • Built-in model
    The standard hygiene entrance is supplied as a surface-mounted model, while the built-in model is sunk into the floor.
  • Centralised chemical supply 
    If there are several hygiene entrances, a centralised chemical supply may be of interest. All chemicals are supplied from a large, central tank.

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Optional extras for the hygiene entrance


The ultimate combination for a hygienic work process is hand washing, drying and disinfecting in combination with sole cleaning and disinfection. 

Hand cleaning is often done through washing and disinfecting because washing on its own is not enough. Between these two steps, the hands are dried; this can be done with the help of a paper towel dispenser or an electric hand dryer.

A paper towel dispenser is often a suitable solution for very small companies, while at larger companies the Dyson Airblade is a faster, more hygienic and more cost-effective solution over the longer term.

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Hand cleaning and drying


Shoe soles carry visible and invisible dirt on them. It is therefore important to clean the soles before entering the production area.

The soles can be cleaned with rotating brushes and/or a disinfection bath. A disinfection bath is mostly used in hygiene entrances for a high care space, while rotating brushes are often enough for a production area. 

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Sole cleaning

Time-saving sole cleaning and hand disinfecting

All hygiene entrances from Elpress come with facilities for disinfecting the hands and cleaning the soles of footwear. There are even wider areas where a shaft cleaner can be used to thoroughly clean the edges and shafts of boots; you can optionally choose an integrated Dyson Airblade for drying the hands. The food-safe hygiene entrance is capable of cleaning the soles and disinfecting the hands at the same time, allowing your staff to pass quickly and efficiently through the cleaning process and save time. Access to the next room is possible only once the hands have been disinfected. You are therefore assured of controlled access at all times.

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Time-saving sole cleaning


A turnstile ensures that a hygiene check takes place before the employees enter the production area. Checks cover the washing and disinfecting of both hands, the length of the contact time, the use of chemicals and any person and time recording. An access check offers you many advantages. 

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Access check hygiene entrance

Hygiene Selector

Do you want to know which hygiene lock layout best suits your business? Then fill in the Hygiene Selector. Five steps show you in a quick and easy way what your hygiene entrance has to comply with. You will be sent no obligation advice about a hygiene entrance for your company.
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Hygiene entrances for the food industry

Developing, producing, supplying and maintaining efficient hygiene entrances for the food industry: that’s the challenge we face at Elpress each and every day. We also know better than anyone that hygiene is incredibly important within the food industry. The food industry is always full of moments when employees come into contact with the food or machines, and diseases and bacteria should be avoided. So a food-safe hygiene entrance is certainly no superfluous luxury. Elpress therefore has a wide range of hygiene entrances for the food industry that help you take hygiene to the next level in your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions about hygienic entrances

For what types of contamination is a hygienic entrance suitable?

Our hygienic entrances are highly effective against a wide range of contaminants, including oil, fish, (frying) fat, chocolate, sand, etc. Our experts are happy to provide personalized advice to help you make the right choice for a hygienic entrance that fits your situation.

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What types of shoes/soles can be cleaned? (safety shoes, boots, etc.)

Our hygienic entrances are suitable for various types of footwear, such as regular shoes, safety shoes, and boots. However, the effectiveness may vary based on the design of the shoe sole and the cleaning mechanisms of the hygienic entrance.

Can soles also be dry-cleaned in a hygienic entrance?

Yes, dry cleaning of the soles is possible with the rotating brushes. However, the effectiveness of dry cleaning may vary depending on the type of footwear and the specific needs of your environment. For the most suitable solution, it is wise to contact our experts. They can advise you on the best options for your specific situation and ensure you get the most out of your hygienic entrance.

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What type of chemical/cleaning products are in a hygienic entrance?

Hand disinfection (automatic):
An alcohol-based disinfectant with a percentage between 70% and 90%.

Soap (automatic):
Due to the intensive use of soap, hypoallergenic soap is recommended. This soap is free from irritating allergens and other unwanted substances, making it better for the staff.

Sole disinfection:
It is recommended to use an industrial disinfectant based on quaternary ammonium compounds suitable for use in the food industry.

We advise contacting us for personalized advice

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What are the dimensions of a hygienic entrance?

The size of a hygienic entrance varies by model. An overview of all models including their specifications can be found in this brochure.

What connections/drainage do I need for installing a hygienic entrance?

The installation of a hygienic entrance typically requires a connection to a water supply, a drain for wastewater, and an electrical connection for automated components. The exact requirements depend on the specific model. An overview of all models including their specifications can be found in this brochure.

What material is a hygienic entrance made of?

Elpress's hygienic entrances are made of stainless steel. This means the hygienic entrances are corrosion-resistant, strong, durable, and easy to clean.

Can a hygienic entrance fit through a doorway?

This depends on the dimensions of the hygienic entrance, but we offer the possibility to deliver the hygienic entrance in multiple parts and assemble it in the room. This way, there are many possibilities for placing a hygienic entrance in almost any space.

Is it possible to expand a hygienic entrance later?

This depends entirely on the practical situation, such as the available space. We are therefore happy to provide appropriate advice for the purchase of a hygienic entrance.

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Can a hygienic entrance be placed outdoors?

In principle, our hygienic entrances are designed for use indoors. If you wish to place a hygienic entrance outdoors, we advise you to contact our experts. They can provide advice on the possibilities.

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How can I clean a hygienic entrance myself?

Daily cleaning of the hygienic entrance is essential for its effectiveness and longevity. You can learn more about the daily cleaning of a hygienic entrance in this blog.

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