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Hygiene solutions for the non-food sector

Hygiene plays a crucial role within the non-food sector, where strict hygiene protocols are of great importance. With over 40 years of experience, Elpress is a leading manufacturer of hygiene solutions. We are therefore proud to say that the personal hygiene equipment from Elpress is HACCP International certified. Elpress is the only producer to have been awarded this certificate.

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The importance of hygiene in the non-food sector

In the non-food sector, hygiene is central for various reasons. Firstly, it contributes to the health and safety of employees by minimizing the risks of accidents and the spread of germs. A clean working environment also promotes productivity, as employees can work more efficiently in an organized setting. Additionally, hygiene is crucial for preventing contamination. Furthermore, compliance with regulations and standards plays a crucial role, as many non-food sectors are subject to strict regulations regarding hygiene and safety.

Efficient personal hygiene is of paramount importance. In managing this risk, Elpress can play an essential role for you. Curious about which hygiene solution is suitable for you?

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Practical examples within the non-food sector

Hygiene within the non-food industry

Elpress offers specialized hygiene solutions to support businesses in managing risks. From maintaining a clean working environment and ensuring safety to training and tailor-made solutions, Elpress serves as a reliable partner. Our HACCP-certified products and expertise reduce health risks, minimize contamination hazards, and assist in compliance with regulations, allowing companies to rely on optimal hygiene, safety, and quality.

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