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CleanWash is a crate washing facility based in Hoogeveen. With more than 50 motivated and skilled employees, they ensure that contaminated product carriers are cleaned 24 hours a day. They have been doing this since 2012 with a lot of passion and expertise. The crate washers used for cleaning are produced by Elpress.

Cleanwash has started using Elpress' box washer. Have a look at it in the video attached. 

CleanWash produces completely CO2 neutral? They do this by using pellet stoves and reusing warm air.

A new collaboration

Owner Geert Prins has worked with Elpress on several occasions in the past. At the moment that CleanWash wanted to move into a new building, Elpress gave tailor-made advice. Together we looked at the possible layout of the laundry with a new crate washer and blow-off installation.

In the new building, a crate washer with a length of more than 10 meters and a capacity of a maximum of 2000 crates per hour was installed. Behind this crate washer is a blow-off unit that ensures that the crates are dried. After drying, the crates are discarded. Due to increasing demand, a second crate washer was delivered in 2018, with a comparable capacity. Again with a powerful blow-off unit.



“Elpress supplies a quality product that we can trust. This is of course necessary when a crate washing machine runs all day. In addition, the installation is designed so that we can easily adapt it to various crate types.”

Geert Prins - Owner of CleanWash BV

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