Boot dryers

Boot dryers are essential in industrial and manufacturing settings where workers frequently use boots, shoes, and clogs. Our boot dryers are designed to quickly and efficiently remove moisture from footwear, making them ready for reuse in a short time. The dryers operate by air supply, ensuring effective drying from the inside out. They are available in various sizes and capacities, making them suitable for a wide range of footwear quantities.

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  • Personal hygiene
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Optional: Ozone
  • Optional: heating
  • Optional: glove holder

Advantages of boot dryers

  • Made of Stainless Steel (RVS)
  • Suitable for boots, shoes, and clogs.
  • Longer lifespan of footwear
  • Extra comfort for employees
  • Easily expandable
Boot dryer

ELD boot dryer

The boot dryers are made entirely from stainless steel. Their solid construction can be mounted to the wall. The boots can be hung up easily, so they can dry (by means of air). Boot dryers are available for different quantities of boots, shoes and clogs.


  • Boots, shoes or clogs
  • Floor- or wall model
  • Saves space
  • Easy expendable

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Boot dryers

ELDK-12 boot dryer

The boot dryers with housing are made entirely from stainless steel. The solid housing ensures a hygienic and concealed storage. The boots can be hung up easily, so they can dry (by means of air). Boot dryers are available for different quantities of boots, shoes and clogs.


  • Boots, shoes or clogs
  • Solid housing
  • Saves space
  • Hygienic and concealed storage
  • Optional with ozon and/or air heating

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Boot dryer closet

Professional boot dryers

A boot dryer must be functional, as the boots, shoes, and clogs placed on it need to dry effectively. However, if you are a manufacturer in the food industry, it's also important that a boot dryer is hygienic to prevent bacteria and dirt from having a chance to thrive. At Elpress, we understand this very well, and that's why all of our stainless steel (RVS) boot dryers are thought out in detail.

Elpress boot dryer

Quick drying of boots, shoes, and clogs

Boots, shoes, and clogs can easily be hung on the rack, allowing them to dry quickly. Thanks to the automatic air supply, the drying process will be extra fast. There is also a boot dryer version with an enclosure, so you won't have a view of the boots, shoes, and clogs. This way, they are neatly and hygienically tucked away in a sturdy cabinet. The boot dryers with enclosures have the option of ozone and/or air heating.

Elpress boot dryer

Boot dryer for efficient storage

Thanks to a boot dryer, you can prevent clutter on the work floor or in the social area. All boots, shoes, and clogs can be efficiently stored on the rack. Moreover, Elpress's boot dryers are sturdy, space-saving, and easy to expand with multiple racks. There is a choice between a wall-mounted or floor model, with the wall model being easy to attach to the wall.

Optional glove holder for ELD / ELR

Easy to mount on new or existing boot driers or boot racks. Suitable for drying or storing sturdy rubber gloves.

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Optional glove holder

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