Our newest innovations

Elpress is the leading manufacturer in the field of industrial hygiene and we’d like to keep it that way. Continuous innovation is crucial. On this page, we present our newest innovations. 

Visual inspection system for crate washers

The new visual inspection system makes it possible to check whether a crate has exited the crate washer in a clean and intact state. Five cameras are used to thoroughly inspect the inside and outside of the crates. Photos are taken at several points and the system can tell within just one second whether the crate is clean as well as intact.


  • Raises hygiene to a higher level
  • Suitable for high volumes
  • Fewer staff needed
  • For universal use on all crates
  • Self-learning system
  • More reliable than checking by eye
  • Demonstrable results for audits
  • Contributes to the obtaining of HACCP and ISO certifications
Visual inspection system for crate washers

Satellite Performance Monitoring for central tap points

The Satellite Performance Monitoring system is a simple and reliable detection system for checking how effective the cleaning is in production areas. The system saves information and retains it for analytical purposes. The satellite measures the flow and temperature. Daily consumption of water, foam and disinfectant can be checked, as can the time someone spends cleaning a room. It is also possible to check whether all steps in the cleaning process are performed and/or these steps are carried out in the correct sequence. A distinction is made between two different systems, i.e. Monitoring and Logging (ML) and Monitoring, Logging and Control (MLC). 


  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Better insight into business processes
  • Saves costs
  • Contributes to sustainability
Satellite Performance Monitoring

Blocksat 2.0

The Blocksat makes rinsing, foaming or disinfecting business premises easy. With the improved version 2.0, it is possible to carry out servicing in house. In contrast to the first version, it is now even possible, for example, to set the desired dosing with the restriction set supplied as standard. 


  • In-house service
  • Operates from 15 to 40 bar
  • Reduced load on O-rings
  • Automatic rinsing of chemicals
  • Saves costs, especially in terms of life cycles and maintenance
Blocksat RFD 2.0

Hygienic Print for the hygiene entrance

Coming soon: the new Hygienic Print monitors information from a hygiene entrance, such as the number of movements through the turnstile, the consumption of disinfectant and the number of people who pass through the hygiene entrance. The information can be processed in a management or quality system, which means it can be quickly referred to during an audit.  The Hygienic Print also makes it possible to easily carry out changes to the hygiene entrance remotely. 


  • Remote login
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Saves time for the technical service and operators
  • Better insight into business processes
Hygienic Print for the hygienic entrance

Elpress Remote Service

In many instances, our Remote Service makes it possible to immediately solve a fault or problem with your Elpress machine remotely. We can also use Remote Service to help you carry out non-daily operations.

Advantages of our Remote Service:

  • Greater flexibility
  • Quick and efficient
  • Durable choice

Remote Service from Elpress is offered as a subscription. 

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