Sole cleaning / disinfection, hand washing and hand disinfection

This SANICARE model gives you the option of cleaning the soles or disinfecting the soles. You stand either on the cleaning brushes or in a disinfection bath while washing and drying your hands. The release time of the turnstile is easy to set. Our technology ensures that the chemical is applied to the top and bottom of your hands so that you can disinfect them while keeping chemical consumption to a minimum.

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  • Personal hygiene
  • Also available as built-in model
  • Connectable to a centralised chemical supply
  • Available as left-hand version
  • Available as right-hand version
  • Connetable to person and time registration
  • These products are certified by HACCP International
  • 4 years warranty on brushes
  • Release-time turnstile adjustable
  • Adjustable settings

SANICARE with sole cleaning

With this SANICARE, you stand on the cleaning brushes while washing your hands at the same time. The rotating brushes are automatically humidified and set in motion by sensors. You optionally dry your hands with paper and then disinfect your hands in the disinfection cylinders. The final step is the release of the turnstile. All-in-one and efficient.


  • Runtime of brushes can be set
  • Chemical dosing on top and bottom of hands
  • Brushes can be removed without tools
  • Release time of turnstile easy to set
  • Hygienic construction and surface finish
Sole cleaning, hand washing and hand disinfection

SANICARE with sole disinfection

With this version of the SANICARE, you stand in the disinfection bath, while also washing your hands. The bath is refreshed automatically, enabling the SANICARE to be used continuously. You optionally dry your hands with paper. Atomisation of the disinfectant in the disinfection cylinders (for the hands) takes place automatically. This makes the SANICARE thrifty with chemicals. The turnstile is released only after hand disinfection is completed.


  • Automatic refreshing of the disinfection bath and refresh time easy to set
  • Chemical dosing on top and bottom of hands
  • Hygienic construction and surface finish
  • Fitted with a drain zone
Sole disinfection, hand washing and hand disinfection

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