Foam and disinfection units CFD-Q

The CFD-Q is the ideal unit for efficient foaming and disinfecting activities.

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  • Cleaning systems
  • Economical with water

Foam and disinfection units CFD-Q

The CFD-Q is the ideal unit for efficient foaming and disinfecting activities. Once you start it up, the unit will bring your piping system to the right working pressure. When opening/closing one of the satellite stations, the pump will automatically start or switch to stand-by. The unit includes a stainless steel break tank, which gives the unit a certified backflow protection. The CFD-Q series is available with electrically controlled dosing pumps.


  • Temperature control
  • Solid construction
  • Start/stop system
  • Economical with water
  • Adjustable foam composition
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The standard operation

Precise proportional dosing

The proportional dosing system of the CF-Q/CD-Q delivers a steady dosing percentage. This is done by means of electrical driven dosing  pumps. According to the measured water flow the dosing pump keeps adjusting, to guarantee that the right percentage of chemicals are added. This means efficient cleaning and a safer use of chemicals.

Foam and disinfection units CFD-Q

Frequency controlled Grundfos IE5-pump

The unit is equipped with a frequency controlled Grundfos pump. According to the number of user, the pump will adjust the pressure to a maximum of 8 bar. Efficiency is key and the pump only uses the power that is needed.

Grundfos pump

Optional Monitoring your cleaning behaviour

In a world were sustainability and efficiency are more important than ever, Elpress will cope with this demand. A Washing Performance Monitor will let you track lots of important activities. Water flow, chemical usage, cleaning time and other operational information and statistics are all monitored. The unit will function as a computer, and can easily be connected to your network.

Remote monitoring
• Easy connection
• Read out cleaning behaviours like water flow and chemical consumption
• Remote login for service
• Tweak and change settings of the unit

Foam and disinfection units CFD-Q

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