A cleaning system for foam cleaning and disinfection in the greenhouse horticulture sector

cleaning and disinfection greenhouse horticulture sector

Elpress has been a renowned producer of industrial cleaning systems for the food industry for many years. Cleaning systems are also proving their worth in other sectors, such as in greenhouse horticulture. However, greenhouse horticulture requires a different method of cleaning from the food sector. Elpress has the necessary knowledge for this.

Cleaning systems for the greenhouse horticulture sector

Decentralised cleaning means having various satellites with a supply of detergent that can be adjusted to achieve the correct ratio of water to chemical.

In the greenhouse horticulture sector, (decentralised) cleaning is the best option for rinsing, foaming and disinfecting during crop rotation. The following are the two most important reasons for choosing this cleaning method:

  • Chemicals in the right place:

The greenhouse horticulture sector uses chemical products that are more aggressive than those used in the food industry. Transporting these aggressive agents through a network of pipes is not preferred because they come into contact with the pipes. In the case of a decentralised cleaning system, the chemical is added to the water from the jerrycan at the satellite, which means it can be used right where it’s needed. Elpress has developed special dosing kits that are resistant to the more aggressive chemicals used in greenhouse horticulture.

  • Interesting in terms of cost:

A decentralised cleaning system is interesting from a cost perspective. Water pipes (whether pressurised or not) are often already installed in a greenhouse. The addition of satellites is the last step in realising a cleaning process.

Mobile cleaning

If your budget is limited, then you can also opt for a mobile cleaning system, the so-called MLDC-Q. Thanks to their agile nature, this mobile booster unit lets you easily rinse, foam and/or disinfect wherever you like inside your greenhouse. The system is connected to the water and electricity supplies in the greenhouse. The MLDC-Q is optionally available with built-in air compressor, so you never have to rely on the availability of a compressed air supply. The chemical is placed on the MLDC-Q in jerrycans.

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