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A hygienic way of working begins with confidence in the quality of the cleaning system. The correct proportion of the chemicals and the sterility of the cleaning equipment used are essential for this. In this blog, you can read exactly how calibrating the satellites of a centralised and decentralised cleaning system contributes to an optimal work process.

What does the calibration of cleaning system satellites involve and why is this important? 

All sectors involving hygienic work must ensure personal hygiene and provide hygiene entrances. They must also see to it that the production and processing areas are thoroughly cleaned on a very regular basis. That is done with a cleaning system. This can either be mobile or mounted on the wall of the area in which it is used. What’s more, the cleaning products used must always be of high quality. 

Ensuring the correct ratios of water, compressed air, chemicals and liquids is essential. If this is not the case then in terms of cleaning you will be relying on a system that does not clean as thoroughly in practice as it should do according to the procedures. The consequence of this is that chemicals and 
are wasted, leading to an accumulation of dirt and bacteria. And that the end result (a thoroughly cleaned production and processing area) is not as hygienic as agreed. Which means contaminated products can leave the area, with all the consequences that entails.

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How often do the satellites of a cleaning system have to be calibrated?

How often the satellites of a cleaning system have to be calibrated depends on the following:
•    How intensively the area is used (the speed of the production process)
•    The types of products that are processed in the area
•    The requirements placed on the product in terms of hygiene and thus safety
•    The quantity of liquids and chemicals that the cleaning system uses
•    The availability of the used liquids and chemicals
•    The interaction of the used liquids, chemicals and materials.

Which components have to be calibrated? 

For a carefully functioning cleaning system, it is important to calibrate all components on a regular basis. Such as the setting of the quantity of chemicals and the ratio of water and other liquids to be used. Also, the correct pressure of the compressed air, the purity and temperature of the water, the pH meters, pressure gauges, shut-off valves, manual operating valves and the power supply used. If these components are not properly calibrated then that can compromise the safety of not only the products, but also the workers.

What happens after the calibration?

Using specific equipment, it is possible to check the various components of the cleaning system. Do these still meet the requirements (e.g. ISO 22000HACCP)? Do these not go above or below set values? And which components of the cleaning system need to be serviced in the near future? These checks are noted in a service report. Amongst other things, this service report provides input for ordering the correct chemicals and other liquids. It also contains information for optimising the infrastructure in the production area itself, the supply lines (compressed air and water) and the thrifty use of water and cleaning agents

Once the satellites of the cleaning system have been calibrated, it is important for the users of the production and processing area to use and test the cleaning system. And for the surfaces that are cleaned with the calibrated cleaning system to be checked in places that are important for a hygienic production and processing process.

By performing this calibration on a regular basis, you can, as a company, be confident that the cleaning system does what is has to, you no longer have to worry about it and can focus on the core business: making safe products.

Want to know more about calibrating the satellites of a cleaning system?

Then please contact us. We would be pleased to discuss this with you. Would you like to know more about cleaning systems? Then download the white paper “An optimal cleaning process for every business”.

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