Sensibly handling of water and detergent: interesting for sustainability and economics

Sensibly Handling of Water and Detergent: Interesting for Sustainability and Economics

It is the only way in which many companies prefer to be presented: as a sustainable, responsible business with an eye on the environment. Sustainable businesses may – provided they also actually act like this – actually have a positive image from it. Less is said about the economic significance.

It is completely logical that you, as a business owner, want to stand out and sustainability is high on your list of priorities. You want the best for the environment and for this earth, which we all want to make use of as long as possible in a nice way. Also for the generations that come after us. The idealism of sustainable business is a starting point of which we can be really proud. We are proud of this at Elpress and the same undoubtedly applies to you.

Sustainable business is not simply idealistic

But behind the idealistic reasons to be a sustainable business, there is also another hidden motive. And that is the economic interest that, of course, we all have but which we mostly don't think about. Yet the ‘silence’ over the economic interest of sustainable business is actually completely not necessary. This is because it is not really strange that we eventually choose the way that provides the most to us financially or, in any case, saves the most costs.

 The environment is to be spared as much as possible

A clean production location and using clean load carriers are important prerequisites for being able to produce or process food safely. In the context of sustainable business from an idealistic point of view, it is a good a idea to use processes so that as little water and cleaning agent as possible are used. Incidentally: the greater the water saving and the less cleaning agent used, the lower the impact on the environment.

 Saving costs

When we look at the economic interest, then it is an important question for a sustainable investment such as a crate washer: ‘How can I save money with this investment?’ The answer to this is two-fold. On the one hand, the investment in a crate washer ensures that you save costs by using less water and energy, and use a lower amount of cleaning agents. On the other hand, you also save costs on the back of the process: by saving water and cleaning agent you also pay a much lower environment levy to the government for discharging used water.

 In short: the nice thing is that by purchasing an industrial washing system, the ‘sustainable knife’ cuts both ways: you impact the environment as little as possible and also profit from an economic advantage. 

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