Efficient and sustainable: washing Dolav pallet boxes with a box washer

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In the world of industrial cleaning, efficiency and sustainability are paramount. A specific aspect of industrial hygiene is the cleaning of Dolav pallet boxes. These boxes are versatile containers used in various sectors. In this blog, we will delve deeper into efficiently and sustainably washing Dolav pallet boxes and how an Elpress crate washer can play a role in this process.

The importance of washing Dolav pallet boxes

Dolav pallet boxes are large, durable containers designed to transport and store significant goods, made from sturdy plastic. They are ideal for repeated use in various industries, including food processing, pharmaceuticals, and even in some manufacturing environments where durability and hygiene are crucial. Washing a pallet box regularly and thoroughly is essential to ensure product safety, as insufficient cleaning can lead to hygiene risks. Dirt, residues, and microorganisms can accumulate in the containers and cause cross-contamination, endangering the safety of products.

Benefits of washing Dolav pallet boxes with a box washer

There are various methods for cleaning Dolav boxes, including manual, steam, and chemical cleaning. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, manual cleaning can be time-consuming and inconsistent, while steam cleaning can be effective, but may not thoroughly remove all types of contamination. Chemical cleaning offers deep cleaning but often raises concerns about safety and environmental impact. In this regard, using a crate washer for cleaning Dolav boxes offers significant advantages:

  • Efficiency: Crate washers can process a large number of Dolav pallet boxes per minute, significantly speeding up the cleaning process and improving operational efficiency.
  • Thoroughness: Crate washers provide deep cleaning, reaching all surfaces and corners of the Dolav box, something that is often difficult to achieve with manual cleaning.
  • Cost Savings: Crate washers use water and cleaning agents more efficiently, leading to lower operational costs in the long run.
  • Sustainability: By using water, energy, and chemicals more efficiently, crate washers help reduce the ecological footprint of the cleaning process when washing Dolav boxes. 

What are box washers?

Box washers are specialized industrial washing machines designed to efficiently and thoroughly clean large quantities of boxes, bins, and Dolav boxes. Box washers are made from stainless steel 304, providing a durable solution.

During the main wash cycle of a crate washer, a motor-driven rotating spray arm thoroughly cleans both the inside and outside the Dolav box, with the wash cycle duration adjustable according to the degree of contamination, up to a maximum of 30 minutes. Optionally, cleaning agents can be added for extra effectiveness. This ensures that all interior surfaces of the Dolav box, including hard-to-reach corners and seams, are thoroughly washed. The pressure and amount of water can be adjusted depending on the level of contamination. After washing, the Dolav box is rinsed with clean water in the rinse program to remove all residues.

The benefits of the Elpress box washer

  • Energy efficient: Advanced technologies ensure the crate washer consumes less energy, resulting in lower operational costs and a smaller ecological footprint.
  • Rinse program with clean water: This ensures that all residues of cleaning agents are completely removed, improving hygiene.
  • Made from stainless steel: Stainless steel is durable, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean, extending the machine's lifespan and simplifying maintenance.
  • Available with optional Add-ons: You can customize your box washer with additional features tailored to your specific cleaning needs and requirements.
  • Various models: Depending on the size of your operation and the nature of the items to be cleaned, you can choose from different models that best suit your situation.
  • Improved working conditions: Automating the heavy cleaning work of washing Dolav pallet boxes reduces the physical burden on employees.
  • Consistent cleaning quality: Box washers guarantee uniform cleaning quality every time, which is essential for hygiene standards.
  • Water usage reduction: Box washers are designed to minimize water usage through efficient use and recycling.
  • Time savings: Box washers perform cleaning processes much faster than manual methods, resulting in significant time savings.

Implementing a box washer

Integrating a box washer for washing Dolav boxes begins with careful placement within the existing production line. This ensures a smooth workflow and minimizes interruptions.

For an optimally functioning industrial cleaning system, regular and professional maintenance is essential. You and your team may not always have the time or necessary knowledge to perform this effectively. Therefore, Elpress offers service contracts that guarantee periodic maintenance at a frequency determined by you. Our specialists can advise you on the optimal maintenance intervals. Additionally, a service contract with Elpress ensures that you receive quick assistance in the event of any malfunctions, ensuring the continuity of your production process.

Want to learn more about washing Dolav pallet boxes with a box Washer?

If you want to learn more about cleaning Dolav boxes with a crate washer, don't hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help you find the perfect cleaning solution that meets your specific needs. Get in touch and take a step towards efficient and sustainable cleaning.

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