Cleaning a production area with a clean-in-place (CIP) installation.

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Cleaning a production area with a clean-in-place (CIP) installation.

Throughout the production process, thorough cleaning of all component parts is extremely important. As a company, you can exert a lot of influence in this area yourself: by means of, for example, careful processes and equipment for the personal hygiene of employees, hygienic entrances, efficient crate washers, blower units and safe water pressure regulators. But also by using thoroughly cleaned components of the production area itself. So that the various appliances, machines, tanks and lines in the production area comply with requirements. This is where cleaning in place comes in. This blog looks at what a clean-in-place (CIP) installation is and what the advantages and disadvantages of cleaning a production area with a CIP installation are.

How does a CIP installation work?
A CIP installation is an automatically controlled system that generally consists of a lye tank, acid tank, disinfectant tank and (rinse) water tank, a number of pumps and valves located in between these components, a control system as well as cleaning liquids and water for pre-rinsing, intermediate rinsing and final rinsing. A CIP installation can be designed and set up to match the type and degree of contamination in the production process, the statutory requirements, the necessary capacity and the possibilities for cleaning the various components. 

What are the advantages of centralised cleaning and a CIP installation?

Centralised cleaning has specific advantages:

  • Safer because there are no concentrated chemicals on the shop floor.
  • Efficient and constant chemical consumption through centralised dosing.
  • Greater work efficiency through not having to work with loose jerrycans of chemicals.
  • Cheaper chemicals through bulk purchasing.
  • Less chemical waste from not having to work with smaller, loose jerrycans.

The advantages of a CIP installation are:

  • The equipment used in the production area is cleaned much more thoroughly.
  • It is not necessary to disassemble and reassemble all parts of the production equipment. This means the production equipment can be put back into use more quickly.
  • The control system of a CIP installation and the various measuring points make it possible to track and adjust the quality of the cleaning process.
  • It provides input for stocktaking and limiting risks and thus has a positive impact on the application of the HACCP principles.

This makes a clean-in-place installation a must-have in a production company.

What are the disadvantages of a CIP installation?

A CIP installation needs space in the production area and must be adapted to the production process. This makes stocktaking of the production process and careful design of the cleaning steps and quality requirements essential. Naturally, this requires a certain level of investment. But it does not, however, negatively impact the cleaning process. On the contrary: it improves it.

How can a CIP installation achieve optimal cleaning?

Most importantly, the various component parts of the production equipment and the degree of cleaning needed for each part (visual cleaning, chemical cleaning or microbiological cleaning) must be properly understood. It is also important to focus clearly on the various cleaning liquids required. And on the way the necessary water can be optimally used and reused. This enables you to make optimal use of a CIP installation and ensure that you can be confident the production area meets the hygiene requirements.

Want to know more about clean-in-place and a CIP installation?

Do you want to know more about clean-in-place and what a CIP installation can mean for your business? And how to set it up in the smartest way possible? Then please contact us. We would be pleased to discuss this with you so that you are prepared for the future. Would you like to know more about cleaning systems? Then download the white paper “An optimal cleaning process for every business”. 

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