What should you consider when buying a crate washer?

crate washer

You would like to purchase a crate washer. This is a good idea, because this machine will contribute significantly to the hygiene process within your company and guarantees the food safety of your end products. But what should you think about precisely when buying a crate washer? Elpress has made a list for you.

To be able to select the correct crate washer, the following concerns should be addressed:

  • The type and degree of crate contamination.
  • The number of crates that need to be washed.
  • The type of crate that you want to wash.
  • The availability and accessibility of the space or room where the washer is to be placed.
  • The logistics surrounding the crate washer.
Milou Heetkamp

Crate washer checklist: take the next step in finding the perfect crate washer.

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