When choosing the correct crate washer: be aware of the type and degree of soiling of the crates

When Choosing the Correct Crate Washer

Of course the idea is that your crate washer cleans your crates optimally. That is why it is important that you use the correct washing process. Four variables are important here: strength, time, temperature and chemicals. The type and extent of the soiling largely determines what the washing process should be.

The variable forces (also called the mechanical work or movement), time, temperature and chemicals (the cleaning agent) together form the so-called Sinner Circle: a tool that is used as standard in the professional cleaning world.

These four factors all influence each other. For example, a higher time factor means that less chemicals or a lower washing temperature is required.

Wout Spanjers

Crate washer checklist: take the next step in finding the perfect crate washer.

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