Points to consider in the logistics process of a crate washer

crate washer

Clean and soiled crates: naturally you have to deal with both when using a crate washing machine. But of course it is of the utmost importance that the clean load carriers no longer come into contact with the dirty ones. A good design of the logistics process for the crates is an absolute must.

Within a company the crate washer is often placed in a separate room or area, and in many cases the soiled crates arrive on pallets. This is immediately a point to consider, because these pallets also need to be cleaned so that they can be used again for transporting clean crates.
 So work out how many pallets are involved and whether it might be of interest to purchase a pallet washer and place it in the same area.

Wout Spanjers

Crate washer checklist: take the next step in finding the perfect crate washer.

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