Satellite Performance Monitoring

With Satellite Performance Monitoring, you get more insight into your cleaning process. So you can see how much water, foam and disinfectant is being used. You can also see how the various steps within the cleaning process are performing. In brief: with Satellite Performance Monitoring, you ensure an efficient cleaning process, which saves you money.

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What is a satellite performance monitoring system?

The Satellite Performance Monitoring system is a simple and reliable detection system for checking how effective the cleaning is in production areas. The system saves information and retains it for analytical purposes. The satellite measures the flow and temperature. Daily consumption of water, foam and disinfectant can be checked, as can the time someone spends cleaning a room. It is also possible to check whether all steps in the cleaning process are performed and/or these steps are carried out in the correct sequence. A distinction is made between two different systems, i.e. Monitoring and Logging (ML) and Monitoring, Logging and Control (MLC). 

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Satellite Performance Monitoring

The advantages of a satellite performance system

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Improvement in productivity
  • Better insight into business processes
  • Saves money
  • Cleaning equipment that always delivers optimal performance
  • Contributes to sustainability

Constant monitoring of the system lets you see precisely how much water, foam and disinfectant is used every day. You can also see how long someone takes to clean a room.

These data ensure that you have more insight into your business processes. With the insights you get from Satellite Performance Monitoring, you can make adjustments that end up saving you money.

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Satellite Performance Systeem

Monitoring and Logging (ML)

A Monitoring and Logging system is designed to track the status and performance of systems and processes (monitoring). This takes place in real time and 24/7. With the collected data, you can see precisely what is happening at any given moment.

In addition to the monitoring function, other events, activities and faults are stored (logging). Because your data are stored, you can analyse them afterwards as a means to improving your cleaning processes.



Satellite Performance Monitoring

Monitoring, Logging and Control (MLC)

This type of system comprises Monitoring, Logging and Control functions. You can use this extra control functionality to automate your processes, for example. In brief, this extra function ensures that you can set about actively improving your processes.

Satellite Performance Monitoring

What does the extra control function add?

In many situations, the two systems described above work in tandem. The monitoring and logging component offers insight into the present and historical status of systems, while a control system is used to perform actions based on the information collected through monitoring and logging.

A system with the control function thus goes one step further and offers active ways to manage and control system behavior.

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Satellite Performance Monitoring

Technische specificaties



230v per satelliet

Maximum number of satellites


Control cabinet per system


System control

PLC type S7-1200 (ML) and PLC type S7-1500 (MLC). MCL is expandable with an RFID tag.

Data storage

In the cloud

Other essentials

Internet connection (cable) and router


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