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HACCP International certification

The law requires every company in the food industry to comply with the stipulated hygiene regulations. These regulations are often guaranteed with a food safety system. The HACCP requirements are a form of such a food safety system. With our passion for hygiene, we strive to produce leading products with which we can offer our customers the most hygienic solutions. We are therefore proud to say that the personal hygiene equipment from Elpress is HACCP International certified. Elpress is the only producer to have been awarded this certificate.


HACCP is an abbreviation for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System. It is a renowned food safety system that guarantees food safety. It is a mandatory requirement that companies who produce, process or distribute food, work according to recognised food safety systems, such as the HACCP requirements. With an HACCP plan, the company must systematically identify the critical points affecting the safety of food and drink.

HACCP International certification Elpress

Elpress is the only producer of personal hygiene equipment - including hygiene sluices - to have been awarded HACCP International certification. Elpress is proud of this certificate. It proves that our products meet a high quality standard. Via a number of audits, various Elpress products for personal hygiene have been critically checked and looked at for whether they meet all the HACCP requirements.

ACCP International Certification Elpress

“We are proud of our HACCP certification, which confirms that we produce the best equipment for personal hygiene and offer our customers the most hygienic solutions.”


All companies within the food industry have to face audits. During an audit, it is assessed whether the company meets all the requirements concerning quality, food safety, environmental friendliness, social responsibility and responsibility in the workplace. To come through an audit relatively well is of course of the utmost importance to a company.

An audit demands a lot of preparation. A company must be able to prove that it meets all the requirements. Thanks to the HACCP International certification, Elpress offers some important assistance. Our certification makes it easy to demonstrate that our products comply with the HACCP requirements for personal hygiene.

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