A growing organisation changes HACCP issues

changes HACCP issues

A growing company needs to make several adjustments. The quality employee knows it is time to review the hygiene plan. More employees, perhaps a different building and a possible expansion of activities, require a critical look at the existing rules and equipment for (personal) hygiene.

Starting at the bottom

Everything starts with a vision. When changes take place, we first need to see whether the vision is in line with the changing organisation. The HACCP vision also needs to be reviewed. Once that basis has been put in place (again), the policy will be looked at. Expansion or modification of the guidelines may be necessary. Particularly if the number of employees increases or the company relocates, the guidelines concerning personal hygiene will be tightened up.

Routing, changes and times

Guidelines only work if they are appropriate to the situation at hand. In a changing situation, staff routing, breaks, changes of shift and other peak times for entry and exit need to be carefully considered.

Personalised advice on applications

A quality manager knows what the goal is, an expert in personal hygiene knows what is needed to achieve that goal. Every company is different, every situation is treated as a separate issue. With the experiences of previous projects and attention to effectiveness and quality, the personal advice provided by a professional makes all the difference.

Training in personal hygiene

Once the appliances have been installed and suit the environment, the foundation has been laid. However, personal hygiene only works if employees use the equipment at the right time, in the right way and in the right order. Make sure your staff are trained and know their responsibilities.

More information about HACCP and personal hygiene?

Do you want more information about the practical personal hygiene aids that contribute to HACCP? Then download our handy white paper: ‘Personal hygiene within HACCP’.

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