Hygiene certificates for greenhouse horticulture: a guarantee of good hygiene

Hygiene certificates for greenhouse horticulture

If you pay a lot of attention to good hygiene as a business person in the greenhouse horticulture sector, then it’s a good idea to share this with the outside world as well. A hygiene certificate shows your customers how important good hygiene is to you, increasing levels of trust.

Unlike the food industry, the greenhouse horticulture sector does not have any compulsory hygiene certificates. You can therefore choose whether or not to have your business certified. However, being certified in the area of hygiene is probably more than worth the effort and investment. You are actually guaranteeing that your business complies with the defined hygiene measures. Which means you are sure to be highly regarded by your customers. Certifications that are excellently suited to the greenhouse horticulture sector are Global GAP, BRC Food, IFS and HACCP. If you hold such a certificate as a producer, an audit will be performed at regular intervals to check whether you are in compliance with the established hygiene guidelines.

Global GAP

The Global GAP certificate applies specifically to the primary production of agricultural products for human consumption and is also intended for flowers and ornamental plants. Global GAP is the worldwide recognised standard for the agrarian sector. Amongst other things, this certificate guarantees the food safety, sustainability, traceability and quality of the products cultivated in your greenhouses. A Global GAP certificate is not mandatory, but increasing numbers of retailers will no longer buy any products without it.

BRC Food

The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety – BRC Food for short – is a standard for food safety and is recognised by many retailers and producers. Personal hygiene is part of the BRC certificate. BRC-recognised businesses offer facilities such as a changing room for employees as well as sufficient and good opportunities for washing hands and cleaning shoes. These facilities also comply with various established guidelines.


The International Food Standard (IFS) is a certificate which guarantees that the business meets the worldwide standard for food safety. More and more supermarket chains and other retailers are making this certification a mandatory requirement in the food sector. Business that want to meet the IFS standard should, amongst other things, make the necessary personnel provisions available in the area of hygiene and work in accordance with a hygiene protocol. The guidelines of the IFS broadly agree with those of the BRC Food.


HACCP is perhaps the best-known certification in the food sector. HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System and guarantees the safety of food. When you purchase personal hygiene equipment from Elpress – such as a hygiene lock – then this will support your HACCP environment. Elpress is actually the only producer of hygiene locks to hold an HACCP International certificate.

Personal hygiene for greenhouse horticulture

hygiene toolkit

The best protection for your crop is good hygiene. Elpress is pleased to offer you tools to get hygiene standards in your business right and keep them that way. So download our handy toolkit with a clear hygiene protocol and tips for good hand hygiene today.

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