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Elpress is the leading specialist in the field of industrial hygiene. Our focus is on providing total solutions where innovation and quality are paramount. The current Elpress certifications are ISO 9001-2015, VCA and HACCP International.

HACCP International

HACCP is a renowned food safety system that guarantees the safety of the food being processed and produced. Elpress is the only producer of personal hygiene equipment to have been awarded HACCP International Certification. We are therefore proud of our HACCP certification, which confirms that the personal hygiene equipment that we produce offers our customers the most hygienic solutions.



Health and Safety are of paramount importance at Elpress. Our VCA certification emphasises this. All Elpress operational staff have followed the basic safety training so that everyone is aware of the possible (hidden) risks in the area of health and safety at work.

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ISO 9001-2015

ISO 9001 is a worldwide standard in the field of quality control. ISO 9001-2015 provides guidelines that a good quality management system must comply with, with the aim of continuously improving in order to increase customer satisfaction. As a company, we are constantly engaged in innovation and are proud of our ISO 9001-2015 certification.


Hygienic Design Network

Elpress has recently joined the Hygienic Design Network (HDN). HDN guarantees that installations in the food industry demonstrably comply with European regulations. The HDN methodology is based on the European directives concerning the design, construction and installation of machines and installations in the food industry. 


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