Personal hygiene checklist

Guidelines for obtaining hygiene certificates.

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Guidelines for obtaining hygiene certificates

CTA-Checklist-persoonlijke-hygiene_ENVarious certificates are used around the world in order to ensure the safety of food and other products. Customers such as supermarket chains and other retailers are increasingly requiring the producer or supplier of their products to be in possession of such a hygiene certificate. Elpress hygiene locks meet the criteria imposed by the various certification bodies.
In this white paper, we also give you an insight into the criteria that BRC and IFS – and various smaller certificates – place on personal hygiene. We also explain which Elpress products meet these worldwide requirements and will therefore allow you to complete an audit with a good outcome. We address the following:

• Certification in the area of personal hygiene
• Criteria for personal hygiene
• The provisions that enable you to comply with the hygiene criteria

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