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Trendsetting hygiene systems

Elpress is a leading supplier of hygiene systems for the food industry. Over the years, Elpress has developed a strong passion for hygiene. Hygiene takes top priority at Elpress, not because the law says so but simply because it delivers better food products. We’ve been active on the market for over 30 years, during which time we have grown into a trendsetter in the area of hygiene systems. Our products are not only innovative but also durable, extremely safe and above all efficient. And ease of use for you as a customer comes first in everything we do.

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Food-safe hygiene systems

In the food industry, nothing is more important than hygiene. It is also necessary that everything is done to improve food safety. On the one hand, that means following the right laws and regulations. As a supplier of hygiene systems, we supply:

  • extremely sophisticated hygiene systems;
  • specific solutions for the food industry;
  • personal hygiene products that are HACCP International certified;
  • and systems that support your HACCP environment.

We also stay constantly up to date with all rules and safety conditions to do with hygiene systems for the food industry and adapt our products to them.

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Preventing contamination of food products

A high-quality hygiene system is never a superfluous luxury in the food industry. The food industry is full of moments when employees come into contact with food or when machines come into contact with production resources. The clothing and body of employees are covered in millions of bacteria that could find their way into the food, with all the consequences that implies. This must be avoided at all times. The contamination of food products can be prevented by working in a hygienic  manner. By opting for hygiene systems from Elpress, you won’t be taking any risks with your hygiene. After all, you can never be careful enough when preparing food.

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Hygiene systems finished right down to the details

Hygiene is in our DNA. Elpress develops hygiene systems that comply with all standards and values in the area of food safety. However, we go one step further: our automatic systems are designed down to the smallest detail with a focus on hygiene. For example, we supply hygiene systems with a floating last step. This avoids all contact with the ground, meaning there is nowhere for dirt to accumulate. And then there’s the stainless steel we use for our systems. This has a low surface roughness, which ensures less contamination and can therefore be cleaned better. In brief, with Elpress, you’re opting for durable and innovative solutions in the area of hygiene systems.

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Hygiene systems

The standard on the market

With a hygiene system from Elpress, you are assured of being able to safely produce food that meets statutory requirements. What’s more, many of our products are now considered the standard on the market. And when you choose Elpress, you’re opting not only for a customer-focused hygiene system but for a total solution. We work with you on everything we do; from the procurement of your system through to integration into and maintenance of your business process.  For us, service is about thinking in terms of solutions. Are you interested in the possibilities? Then feel free to get in touch with us.

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