Leemput is an authentic Belgian food and meat business which has developed into a state-of-the-art cutting facility that strives for high quality and supplies premium meat products to the largest player in Belgium. Supplying quality meat products needs a first-class hygiene process. Elpress supplied a total solution for this. Christophe Leemput: “We’ve known Elpress for years. The service is spot on and they supply good and reliable products.”

“Hygiene and quality are our calling cards.”

Christophe Leemput - Meat wholesaler Jos Leemput

Meat wholesaler

In order to clean the production area, Elpress supplied the boosting equipment, pipework and finishing points needed for rinsing, foaming and disinfecting. The pipework is supplied in stainless steel. At Leemput, the control cables and lines in the workplace are also finished with stainless steel pipes in order to give the production location an extra tidy appearance.

The MOBISAT mobile satellite stations are used to enable flexible rinsing, foaming and disinfecting throughout the production area. An external cleaning pump is supplied for cleaning the lorries.

Cleaning system


A large number of EWG wash basins with integrated dryer and soap/alcohol dispenser are installed on the Leemput site. The hygiene locks and Hand Soap Turnstiles (HST) ensure that employees only get access to the production environment once they have washed their hands and disinfected their hands and shoes. Hairnet, glove and apron dispensers are located in several places.

Wash basin


Finally, Leemput uses the Elpress crate washer. This has a prewash bath, a main washer, rinse section with clean water and a blower unit so that the crates come out of the cleaning process dry.

Crate washer

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