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The strength of Elpress

For more than 40 years Elpress has been the leading producer and supplier of hygiene products for the food industry and now also for other sectors. Of course this is a remarkable fact, but what is it precisely that makes Elpress such a strong player in the market place?

Total supplier

Our focus is on supplying total solutions in the area of hygiene processes. We offer solutions within three product groups:

Worldwide, Elpress is the only supplier who fully develops and produces all three products groups and can therefore offer a total hygiene package.

Elpress also offers solutions in the areas of drainage, components en mechanical handling systems.

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Elpress hygiënesluis - De kracht van Elpress

Made in Holland

Elpress has developed everything in its product range itself. We engineer, assemble and test our all our products extensively with driven professionals. This means that we can guarantee the quality and reliability of our products. Above all, we know our equipment like no-one else, and this knowledge results in quality service and maintenance.

Did you know that Elpress is the only producer of personal hygiene equipment to have been awarded HACCP International Certification?

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Elpress hygiënesluis met toegangscontrole, de kracht van Elpress

“Our strength is that we are a total supplier, a partner for all your hygiene related affairs. We are a driven organisation and are passionate about hygiene.”

Active in the entire chain

Elpress supplies products to companies within the entire chain of the food industry. From slaughter houses and meat processors to companies that process semi-finished products into end products. We are also delivering more and more to vegetable, fruit and flower growers. Because of our input into the entire chain, we know what the different links expect from each other in the field of hygiene and are therefore able to make a suitable recommendation.

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Crate washer, the strength of Elpress

Active within different branches

Elpress is active in various branches within the food industry: from meat and fish processing and the dairy industry to bread, confectionery, potato, vegetable and fruit processing. In this way Elpress has made itself well known, including among the large players within the food industry. Importantly, Elpress is also endeavouring to expand further into new markets, such as flower nurseries. Our goal is to play an active role in further improving hygiene processes for other markets.

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Desinfectie, de kracht van Elpress

Worldwide presence

You will find Elpress equipment all over the world. We owe these worldwide sales to the guaranteed quality we offer our clients. Companies who choose Elpress are choosing the best hygiene processes for their company. Anywhere in the world. Would you like to make contact with an agent in your area? Then please contact us.

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