Follow the coronavirus measures and improve personal hygiene.

Follow the coronavirus measures and improve personal hygiene.

We may be in the middle of the second wave but if we take care we will be out of it again. Coronavirus has opened the eyes of many people to the area of personal hygiene. How do you prevent the virus affecting your business? This blog will tell you.


As a pioneering producer in the area of industrial hygienepersonal hygiene at Elpress is important to us. Using our total solutions, people are obliged to follow all the steps of a proper hygiene protocol. Certainly during the coronavirus, the health of employees is the highest priority. With a forced hygiene protocol, you reduce the chance of spreading the virus. 



Personal hygiene is the most important factor in the prevention of the spread of the virus. According to the World Health Organisation it is important to wash and disinfect hands regularly. We at Elpress share this opinion, but washing and disinfecting hands does have to be done according to the correct guidelines. The correct sequence for washing and disinfecting hands is as follows: 

  1. Washing Hands

Using an Elpress washbasin you can wash your hands contactlessly. By washing your hands thoroughly for 30 seconds, micro-organisms are rinsed away from the hands.  

  1. Drying Hands

You can dry your hands with paper or a hand dryer. With a hand dryer, you can dry your hands in just 10 seconds.

  1. Disinfecting Hands

When disinfecting hands, micro-organisms on your hands are reduced or killed. You can disinfect your hands contactlessly with a chemical dispenser.


Through this link a more detailed protocol for cleaning your hands can be downloaded. A nice example of our total solution can be seen at Aviko Rixona where we have brought the hygiene protocol to a professional level.  



Personal hygiene goes further than just washing and disinfecting your hands. As well as this process, it is also important that the soles of shoes or boots are cleaned and disinfected. This can be very efficient with a hygiene entrance. Using a hygiene entrance connected to your plant, you can ensure to guarantee the hygiene of your employees. You also have the assurance of a hygienic production process. When choosing the right solution it is to good to think about the number of users, certainly during the coronavirus, where keeping sufficient distance between people is important.



As mentioned earlier, we are recognised as the leading producer in the area of industrial hygiene. But we are also very active outside this sector! Elpress is there for everyone who wants to improve hygiene within their business, whether that is a jeweller's, a sports shop or the cheese seller, we always try to offer a total solution. For instance, look at our chemical dispenser column. The chemical dispenser column can be operated using an elbow and is suitable for both soap and disinfectant, can be used anywhere and is easy to move. It is a compact solution that is also suitable for small businesses, and you do not have to deal with flat batteries. The equipment works anywhere as long as there are enough chemicals in it. By sharing our passion for hygiene and remaining innovative, together we can prevent spreading coronavirus! 



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