What is the price of a hygienic entrance?

What is the price of a hygienic entrance?
What is the price of a hygienic entrance?

You may have concluded that a hygienic entrance could be valuable for your business. This is a crucial step in ensuring hygiene. Now the question remains: what are the costs of a hygienic entrance? Determining the price is not always straightforward, given the different types and specifications of hygienic entrances. In this blog, we explore the factors that influence the costs and provide insight into what you can expect in terms of investment.

A hygienic entrance is a controlled passage designed to maintain hygiene standards in, for example, production companies, the food industry, the agricultural sector, and horticulture. The hygienic entrance is usually located at the entrance of a company, ensuring compliance with hygiene requirements before anyone enters the workspace. The most basic hygienic entrance provides functions for disinfecting hands and shoe soles. However, more extensive models are available that include additional functions such as hand washing, hand dryers like the Dyson Airblade, shaft cleaning, or double configurations. This variation in functionalities and technologies is a significant factor determining the price of a hygienic entrance.

Factors determining the price of a hygienic entrance

When considering a hygienic entrance for your company, it's important to understand that costs can vary greatly depending on various factors. These factors include the type and size of the hygienic entrance, the quality of the materials, and any customization or additional options.

Type and size of the hygienic entrance

Hygienic entrances come in various types and sizes, ranging from a basic model that only offers hand and sole disinfection to more complex systems with more extensive hygiene facilities. The more extensive and advanced the system, the higher the cost. A basic model may be sufficient for smaller or less risky environments, while larger facilities with stricter hygiene regulations might opt for a more comprehensive solution.

Material and durability

The quality of the materials used is another important factor. Hygienic entrances made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel are more durable and require less maintenance, but this is reflected in a higher purchase price.

Additional options for the hygienic entrance

Finally, additional options such as integrated access control, a built-in model instead of a freestanding model, or a central chemical supply can further increase the price of a hygienic entrance. Such customizations ensure that the system perfectly matches the operational needs of your business, but it brings additional costs. Read more about the additional options for a hygienic entrance from Elpress here.


Cost of a hygienic entrance: investment vs. return

While the initial costs for a hygienic entrance can be significant, it is an investment that can pay off in the long term. An effective hygiene system can help prevent costly contamination incidents and contribute to maintaining product quality and safety, which is essential in many industries.

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