Elpress and Dyson, a win-win in the field of industrial hygiene.

At first glance, it may seem like a surprising combination, but over 10 years ago, Elpress and Dyson joined forces and initiated a unique collaboration focused on innovation in industrial hygiene. In this (re)introduction, we highlight this partnership and the innovations that have resulted from it.

Contamination poses a constant threat in the food production environment. Up to 28% of stomach and intestinal infections are caused by inadequate handwashing facilities, poor personal hygiene, and infections occurring during food preparation processes. Therefore, appropriately setting up a food-safe hygiene process is an essential priority for companies of all sizes.

Focus of the partnership

The focus of the partnership between Elpress and Dyson is to enhance Elpress' wide range of hygiene solutions within the food industry. Elpress provides solutions for personal hygiene, cleaning systems, industrial washing equipment, and hygienic wall finishes, among others. The partnership with Dyson specifically concentrates on the aspect of personal hygiene. For instance, Dyson Airblade hand dryers, such as the dB or Wash + Dry models, are integrated into hygiene sluices or used in separate hand cleansing stations..


Hygienic Hand Drying – HACCP Certified

In addition to handwashing and disinfection, effective and rapid drying is crucial for hygiene. Wet or damp hands can be significant carriers of bacteria.

The HACCP certification emphasizes the quality and hygiene of Elpress' product solutions. As the sole manufacturer of personal hygiene equipment with this renowned certification, the company complies with a recognized food safety system that ensures the quality of food products. Furthermore, individual Dyson Airblade hand dryers also hold this certification.

Hygiene innovations

Innovation is reflected in products such as the SANICARE-DYSON, a comprehensive unit for sole cleaning/disinfection, hand washing, drying, and disinfection. Both the Dyson dB Airblade and the Wash + Dry Airblade are available as options. Additionally, there are separate wash troughs with integrated hand dryers, such as the ergonomic EWG-TAP, which, when paired with Dyson's Wash + Dry Airblade, ensures maximum hygiene.

Curious about the possibilities?

Are you interested in seeing how Dyson products perform in practice? Check out the reference case of Footstep. Elpress has set up a complete hygiene sluice, including Dyson products, facilitating hundreds of employee passages daily.

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