Preventing Bird Flu: the need for clean equipment

preventing bird flu

Bird flu is a virus that can spread very quickly and in many ways within the agricultural sector. The way it spreads includes by direct contact between birds and poultry, through the air and through infected materials and equipment. The virus also constitutes a continued threat within this sector in the Netherlands. In this blog, Milou explains how you can prevent bird flu with clean equipment.

Bird flu is a virus that occurs frequently in the Netherlands and because it can spread very quickly, good hygiene management is extremely important within your poultry facility. As well as the virus spreading through infected birds and poultry itself, it can also spread through materials and equipment. In this case, think about crates, means of transport, feed but also clothing and shoes of staff within your facility.


Firstly ensure that your facility and grounds are very clean and tidy. It is important that all materials and equipment have a fixed place and that there is no unnecessary clutter lying around. Regularly wash your staff's clothing and clean shoes and boots thoroughly after usage. Visitors that wish to enter your grounds may only do this with your permission. Furthermore, they may not take in their ‘own’ equipment and/or tools, unless permission for this is also given and these materials are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected first.

cleaning and disinfecting

Apart from other people's equipment, of course, this also applies to your own equipment. Ensure that after each time it is used, it is cleaned and disinfected well. Elpress provides you with the solution for this. Take as an example our live bird crate washers. These crate washers are constructed of solid stainless steel sheets and sections. These machines are specially designed for thorough cleaning of live bird crates. In these crate washers, crates go into both a pre-washing zone and a main washing zone and, in the course of time, also a rinsing zone. In this way, the spread of the virus is already much more limited.

Life bird krattenwasser

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Elpress is a specialist in the field of industrial washing systems. Do you want to know what the options are in this area for your poultry farm? Then get in touch with us for a no-obligation, tailor-made recommendation.


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