The importance of the technical drawing of a crate washer

Technical drwaing crate washer

When purchasing a crate washer, of course you want the machine to be completed exactly to your wishes. That is why Elpress always make a technical drawing. Only after your approval of this technical drawing will your crate washer go into production.

Together with Elpress you can decide which type of crate washer is best suited to your company and what specifications it must meet. To ensure that the machine is actually produced as you envisage it, you will receive a technical drawing for approval. You can then check it to see whether the machine will be precisely as discussed during the purchase process. On this drawing you will find among other things the washer's measurements and the various connections. It also states on what side the crates are put into the washer and, for example, what the prescribed temperature of the washing water is.

Maarten de Geus