Cleaning system

A cleaning system that makes the difference

A cleaning system that leads in the area of industrial hygiene in the food industry – that’s a cleaning system from Elpress. Our products are highly innovative by nature and are always expertly integrated into your business process. That’s because Elpress delivers total solutions; we develop, produce, supply and maintain your cleaning system, making life easier for you in every respect. Not only are you ensured extremely hygienic cleaning systems but we also give your business added value. With Elpress, you’ll make the difference in the area of hygiene.

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Cleaning system

A functional and durable cleaning system

As a business in the food industry, you know exactly how many different kinds of cleaning equipment there are on the market. If you’re looking for a functional cleaning system for industrial use which is safe, efficient, durable as well as user-friendly, then Elpress is the place to come. Our cleaning systems are specially developed for the food industry, have a perfect hygienic finish and come with technologies designed to give you an edge on the market. You’ll therefore be choosing a complete cleaning system developed and produced by a team of professionals.

Elpress cleaning systems are:

  • Hygienic and free from bacteria
  • In accordance with the law and regulations
  • Equipped with the latest technologies
  • Extremely safe and efficient to use
  • Environmentally friendly and trendsetting
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Durable cleaning system

Automatic cleaning systems from Elpress

Elpress is your first choice in the area of automatic cleaning systems for the food industry. We supply extremely hygienic and innovative systems designed to make you a pioneer on the market and assure you of a total solution for your daily cleaning requirements. Elpress has a wealth of experience, abundant knowledge and expertise, and above all a true passion for hygiene. With our food-safe cleaning systems, you’ll raise hygiene standards in your business to an even higher level. Are you interested in a high-quality cleaning system from Elpress, or would you like more information? Then feel free to get in touch with us.

Automatic cleaning system