A hygiene lock from Elpress for the greenhouse horticulture sector: the advantages

A hygiene lock from Elpress for the greenhouse horticulture sector: the advantages

Increasing numbers of greenhouse horticulture companies place great importance on good personal hygiene in day-to-day operations. In order to achieve this, the installation of a hygiene lock is an understandable choice. But why choose Elpress as your supplier?

Elpress has been a leading manufacturer in the field of industrial hygiene for decades. The knowledge, skill and experience we have in house guarantees you’ll be making a good investment in personal hygiene for your greenhouse horticulture business with an Elpress hygiene lock. We present the main advantages of a hygiene lock from Elpress to you.

  • Experience in the food industry
    Elpress has been active in the food sector for years, an industry in which personal hygiene is of paramount importance. Elpress also uses its extensive knowledge and experience of the industry for the hygiene locks for the greenhouse horticulture sector, so that this sector is also assured of a quality product.

  • In-house development and production
    Elpress develops all hygiene locks itself and also manufactures them in house. This guarantees quality and reliability. It also makes it relatively simple to integrate the needs and wishes of the market into the locks and therefore to respond quickly and effectively to the demands of users.

  • Matt stainless steel
    All products in the Elpress product range are made from matt stainless steel. The material is ceramic blasted for a low surface roughness. This means that micro-organisms and dirt adhere less well to the surface. For extra strict hygiene requirements, Elpress recently acquired a Pure Finish cabin which can achieve an extremely smooth finish.

  • Hygienic design
    The construction of an Elpress hygiene lock consists wherever possible of a single piece. This minimises joints and gaps where micro-organisms can settle. The lock also has a hygienically shaped sloping top so that water runs off, and pipes are solid or well sealed to prevent dirt and bacteria from accumulating in them.

  • Easy to clean
    A feature of a good hygiene lock is that the lock itself is also easy to clean. In Elpress locks, this is achieved through the hygienic design. For example, the brushes of the sole cleaner are also easy to remove so that this area can be thoroughly cleaned and the outside of the brushes given a good clean.

  • Contactless operation
    An automatic dosing unit is used to dose the soap or to mist the disinfectant contactlessly over the hands. In this way, the unit does not need to be touched, which avoids the chance of infection.
  • Access control
    The hygiene locks from Elpress are equipped with turnstiles, or access gates. Only when the hygiene actions are complete is the turnstile released and the employee can enter the greenhouse. The turnstile release time can also be set.
  • Setting the time
    A specific time for washing the hands can be set in the hygiene lock as required. Only once this time has elapsed can the employee proceed to the next step in the hygiene process. This approach guarantees that the hands are cleaned well.

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