Accessories for a complete changing room

Accessories for a complete changing room

Hygiene locks can be extended with various accessories and peripherals. This ensures a further improvement in personal hygiene within a company. And above all, remember the social area, or the changing room for your employees!

Hygiene lock accessories include soap dispensers, paper dispensers and paper baskets. In addition to the complete installation of the hygiene lock itself, the social area also deserves the necessary attention. This is where employees can change clothes and prepare to enter the hygiene lock and then the production area. It is important to organise this area practically so that employees do not get in each other’s way, especially when changing shifts. First of all, take a good look at how employees move through the area, what actions they take and what they need to achieve this. A logical layout can then be determined so that hygiene is guaranteed and the processes are carried out effectively.

Total supplier for hygiene entrance 

Elpress is a total supplier of personal hygiene products. In addition to hygiene locks, we also supply all accessories and the furnishing of the social area. Consider the following:

  • Accessory 1: Lockers and wardrobe 

    For storing your personal clothing and work clothes. 
  • Accessory 2: Benches 

    Benches so that you can your shoes or boots on in comfort. 
  • Accesory 3: Boot drying and storage racks

    The inside of the boots are dried using an (optionally heated) air supply. Bacteria are killed and odours neutralised through an optional ozone treatment facility. 
  • Accesory 4: Dispensers 

    Dispensers for hairnets, gloves, earplugs, plastic aprons etc. 
  • Accessory 5: Apron and boot cleaning 

    A washing area that is suitable for manually cleaning aprons and booth with a brush, with water supply amd a spray gun. 
  • Accessory 6: Knife strilisation and cleaning 

    Washing area suitable for cleaning and sterilizing knives.
  • Accessory 7: Waste bins 

    The waste bins are there to collect the waste. There is a choice of various paper baskets, paper bins and waste bins, both open and closed models.

Which hygienic entrance is the best fit for your business?

Do you want to know which layout of the hygiene lock suits your company? Then fill in the Hygiene Selector. In five steps, you can quickly and easily see what your hygiene lock has to comply with. You will then immediately receive no-obligation, customised advice about a hygiene lock for your company.

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